Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | September 2, 2021

Off KLTR Healing Roll-A-Dex

It’s been a really long time since I blogged! But I felt like I needed to update my site with my current roll-a-dex of rock-star healers. As we grow, we tend to outgrow some healers and be drawn to practitioners who match our rising vibrations.

Jacyntha Kamor: Shamanic Energy Healer. Jacyntha is the real deal. She is a powerful shaman. And she is a wonderful human. She has held my hand during the darkest of times and she celebrates my every success (no matter how small) with me. I love her. Jacyntha works remotely.

John Wyrick: Karma Doctor. A-Mazing. A-dore him. Also remote.

Jonathan Glass. Acupuncture and Aryuvda. I struggled with a really terrible physical illness for over a year before I started working with Jonathan. Nothing could touch the dis-ease…until Jonathan! He’s fantastic. In-person in W. Concord.

Judith Swack: HBLU founder, creator, practitioner. Basically we are in the process of drudging up my shadow and bringing her to the light. Judith is a bad-ass. Very powerful lightworker. In person in Needham or online.


  1. Yeah! Good to see you blogging again!!!

  2. Tracy, how lovely to see your daughters! They are beautiful young ladies. Our Ella has begun her freshman year at Kansas City Art Institute in MO. Hard to believe.


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