Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | October 24, 2017

Homeschool Road Trip!

I was inspired by my friend Isabela’s homeschool road trip.  She took her three children on the road for over a week, to see Hamilton the musical and some associated historical sites.  How awesome is that?!  Isn’t that the whole purpose of homeschooling?  To use the whole world as our classroom?!

So my friend’s kids are into Hamilton.  That’s awesome.  My kids?  What are they into?  Well..  Dogs.

The girls check-out from the library any and all fictional and factual books about dogs they can get their hands.  The little sister has pretty much memorized the entire Puppy Place series.  They learn about dog breeds, puppy care, and working dogs.   Little sister blindfolds herself while big sister leads her around.  Then they switch roles so big sister is blind and little sister is the guide dog!  We watch TV shows and movies about dogs.  The girls search the internet for dogs available for adoption.  I’ve been waiting for them to grow out of this phase, but they are relentless!  And so, it was time for me to embrace their obsession:  dogs.

I found a dry land dog sledding challenge in Waterville, ME.  We went up early to get the lay of the land, and then on the day of the big race, we showed up right on time!  No lines.  No entrance tickets.  Walk right in.  There were three fans there:  big sister, little sister, and mama.  Every other person was competing in some race or another.  But you know what?  It was awesome.  We met this fabulous woman who introduced us to her dogs, let us pet them, and even gave us a live demonstration of her event.

Why did I wait so long to embrace this particular interest of both of my girls?  This homeschooling at it’s best.  Thank you Isabella, August, Julian, and June for the inspiration!  xoxo


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