Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | June 21, 2016

Perfectly Imperfect Summer Solistice

summer solsticeSo…Summer Solstice kinda snuck up on me yesterday.  We’d had a super busy weekend.  Sunday was busy from sun up to sun down celebrating the girl’s daddy and my father.  Then on Monday, the girls started baking camp, my sister Nicki came to visit overnight, and my sweet niece came over for the afternoon.  And so, around 4pm I final got around to taking out my favorite pagan parenting book – Celebrating the Great Mother.  As I read the book’s beautiful ideas, my heart started to race.  How the f*ck was I going to pull this off?  How could I make summer crowns with the girls when we had no flowers, no wire, only ribbon?  How were we going to make a summer solstice altar?  I had no sunflowers.  Sh*t!!  I then dove head first into a tirade of negative self talk.  Why hadn’t I thought of Summer Solstice earlier?  Why hadn’t I planned?  Why was I such a bad mother?  I couldn’t even celebrate the beginning of each season with my family – there are only four of these damn days each year!!

But then, I’m pleased to report that I did a most important thing:  I took a breath.  And I thought, okay, I need to feed these people dinner.  How can I make it a Solstice dinner?  And so, because my sister was visiting, I was able to leave my two very tired campers home with her while I ran to the grocery store to buy food that we could prepare over an open fire!  I bought hot dogs, sausages, meat-less sausages (for my California girl sister), corn on the cob, and summer fruit.  When I returned home, my sister and I successfully started our very first fire together (how had neither of us lit a fire in our combined 81 years?)!!  It was empowering actually!  The girls helped us to cut the wood for the fire and to light it.  They were tickled with our girl-powered effort!  Once the fire was roaring, we roasted our prepared summer meats over an open fire.  The girls LOVED it.  Said it was the best meal they’d ever eaten.  And when the daddy got home, he was greeted with big smiles, meat on a stick, and a gin and tonic (I forgot to mention that the auntie and were sipping gin and tonics while we labored.  It was hard work after all!).

So this is what I’m learning:  maybe I don’t have to plan everything out months in advance?  Maybe I really and truly don’t have to worry about creating Waldorf-approved, breathtakingly beautiful festivals.  Maybe I just need faith.  Faith that things always come together.  Not necessarily perfectly, but there is something to be said for imperfection.  Hot dogs on a stick didn’t make it into my Pagan parenting handbook.  And yet the meal was (for my family anyway) a perfectly imperfect summer solstice celebration!

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