Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | November 14, 2015

Holistic Practitioners We LOVE!: Diane Iuliano


Diane Iuliano

I haven’t done a Holistic Practitioners we LOVE! profile in a long time.  And I’ve been seeing an acupuncturist who I LOVE! for a while now…so this post is overdue!

I’m pleased to introduce my acupuncturist, Diane Iuliano.  Diane is on the faculty at New England School of Acupuncture (NESA) and practices Japanese acupuncture at her private practice in Cambridge:  Acupuncture Therapy.


I’ll include the lovely explanation of Japanese Acupuncture from Diane’s site, but here’s what you really want to know:  Japanese Acupuncture uses smaller needles than Chinese Acupuncture!

Japanese Acupuncture is a system of health care that has developed over the past 1800 years. The foundation on which it is set is based on the concept of Qi (pronounced chee). Qi is the life force that circulates though all parts of the body via energy channels, called meridians. These meridians may be thought of as similar to the lymphatic or vascular system in the body. Each meridian is responsible for the physical and emotional balance in the body.

There are points located along the meridians that have specific actions and effects. These points are where the acupuncturist will gather the Qi. Hair-fine, sterile, acupuncture needles are inserted into points along the meridians. This helps smooth the flow of Qi and restore balance, allowing the body to work at an optimal level of health.


The treatment begins with a complete intake of information regarding current and past health conditions, allergies, medication taken, diet, work, and exercise and lifestyle habits.

Next, the acupuncturist will palpate the pulse at the wrists and abdomen.

Finally, the acupuncturist will place or insert needles or other tools at specific points. This should not be painful at any time. Most patients feel deeply relaxed and may fall asleep during a treatment. The treatment time is approximately 45 minutes.


The cost is $85.00 per treatment. Some private insurance companies cover acupuncture. Some HMOs offer a discount for acupuncture treatments. Please check with your individual insurance company for information.


I love Diane’s sense of humor and she is incredibly responsive to appointment requests.  And, in addition to being a joy to work with, Diane has done something truly miraculous.  She’s helped with my head aches!  I’ve been on a twenty year journey to cure my headaches.  I used to have headaches five to seven days a week (it was truly awful).  And while I still sometimes get head aches these days, they are occasional.  Head aches are no loner my lifestyle!  And I attribute much of my relief to Diane.  Her work, in conjunction with my ongoing work with Joy delGiudice, has been life-changing!  And I am so incredibly grateful.

I’ve worked with many holistic healers in search of headache relief.  And while (before Diane), I’d never found any relief, I did always receive some unexpected gift from each healing modality that I tried.  But acupuncture has been the jackpot!  In addition to relieving my headaches, I’ve also received another unexpected gift.  A bonus gift, if you will!  Sessions with Diane greatly decrease my PMS and menstrual symptoms.  Yippee!!  I now see Diane a few days before my period starts and those five to seven days of my life each month are a completely different experience.  Just so toned down.  It’s truly amazing.

I LOVE! Diane and cannot recommend her highly enough.

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