Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | September 3, 2015

Another Awesome Homeschooling Article!!

cincinatti unschooling

Illustration by Andrew Rae

Another Awesome Homeschooling Article!!  This one’s about unschooling, in particular.  So much great press for homeschooling during our not-back-to-school season!!

Check out Jenny Burman’s article Class Dismissed: It’s Not Homeschooling, It’s Unschooling! in Cincinnati Magazine.

I especially LOVE how she closes her article…

When considering unschooling, “College is the big question for many parents, of course. They fear their child will not gain entry without access to Advanced Placement courses, without the preparation conventional schools offer, not to mention college prep schools.

UC’s <University of Cincinnati’s> Stackpole, who has worked admissions, says one aspect of his job is to bring more homeschooled students to UC. Stackpole is considering dissertation research on college outcomes for homeschooled students, and he believes “nontraditional” students of all types tend to be prepared for college because they also tend to be focused and self-motivated. “People who are unschooled or homeschooled,” he says, “if they’re motivated to get into college, they’re going to make it into college. With all the options that they have, they are going to do what they need to do to get admitted to their choice of institution.” Which is to say, without AP classes, extracurricular clubs, grades, or even transcripts.

All of it brings to mind the children’s story Henry Hikes to Fitchburg, in which two bears agree to meet in the town of Fitchburg. One works his butt off in order to buy a train ticket, while the other walks the 30 miles, splashing in a river, learning about nature, enjoying himself.

And guess what? They both get there.”

I gotta read Henry Hikes to Fitchburg!

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