Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | May 19, 2015

Farm Fresh Food


So…I’ve been reading again!  This time about food.  My friend Kirstie tells me that I need to slow down…take it easy…one step at a time.  She’s, of course, right.  But once I started reading about our industrialized food system, I wanted to change absolutely everything (as in every-single-thing) about the way we eat!!

Here’s what I’m reading:  In Defense of Food:  An Eater’s Manifesto by Michael Pollan and 100 Days of Real Food by Lisa Leake.  Reading In Defense of Food inspired Lisa Leake to change her family’s eating habits dramatically and she wrote a book about what she learned from her experiment.  She has a blog as well.  I love her writing because she is so down to earth.  No preaching.  She’s just lovely.

As I was reading both of these books, I was really struck by the similarities between our industrialized food system and our educational system.  Our public schools push parents out of their kids lives and our food system pushes parents out of the kitchen.  Instead of learning to read at their own pace, at home, children are now required to read by the end of kindergarten, causing them tremendous stress.  Similarly, the family homestead and home cooked meals have been replaced by prepared meals and take-out.  We’ve surrendered our parental authority to the state and as a result, we are undernourished.  Physically, certainly.  But we are depleted emotionally and spiritually as well as a result of our disconnection from the land and one another.

So what changes have we made in the way we eat at my house?

Well…(1) we’re working on decreasing sugar and eliminating white flour.  It’s a big change, but the health benefits are helping to keep me strong (read Pollan’s book it’s eye-opening…to the point of horrifying!).

And (2) we’re changing how we source our food.  As my friend Kerry says, we’re trying to get the barcodes off our food!  This is important for our health and in order to support farmers so they can worry about the health of their farm’s soil instead of just making ends meet.

*  We’ve joined the Chestnut Farms meat CSA.

*  The LexFarm (formerly Busa) CSA.

*  And, we’re ordering our dairy, eggs, and grains through Farmers to You.

We’re not staying completely out of the grocery store…but we hope to one day break-up entirely with Whole Foods.

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