Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | February 8, 2015

Playing an Instrument


Boston Symphony Orchestra

In general, I think that parents (myself included!) dream of our children playing an instrument.  We dream of our babes not so much choosing an instrument as being called, guided by the divine, to the instrument that will become like an extension of themselves.  We dream of raising self-motivated little musicians who joyfully practice daily.  Well…here’s the problem – how the heck are they supposed to hear the call of their soul-instrument unless we immerse them in music?!  And I think it does have to be LIVE music (the Waldorf crowd knows this secret).

I had signed my eight-year-old up for viola lessons (which she chose because a big girl she admires plays that instrument)…but as the date of her first lesson approached in the fall, she was just not interested.  So we called off viola lessons.  Around the New Year, she expressed an interest in piano (her friend got a new keyboard), but my 18 months of homeschooling have taught me to wait for two months of constant pestering before signing a child up for any class!  And (far less than two months later), the requests for piano lessons subsided.

I was lamenting our family’s lack of musicality last week when a light bulb went on above my head:  the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s Family Concerts!  Professional musicians play an abbreviated (50 minute), family friend friendly concert, in breathtaking Symphony Hall.  And the tickets are reasonable, $20 per adult and kids are free.  My big girl sat on the edge of her seat at the concert on Saturday, her eyes fixed on the stage, memorized by the music.  And I would venture to guess that it is at live performances like the BSO Family concerts, where children hear instruments whisper their names.

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