Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | September 4, 2014

Faith: My Lesson for September

Bella Wang Photography, LLC

Hello Friends!  It’s been a while!!  We had the BEST August at the beach.  In truth, it was so wonderful that I am having a really hard time getting back into the rhythm of home!

So, can I tell you something really stressful?  Our fall really isn’t fully planned, yet.  Okay, since my site’s tag line is holistic parenting for the rest of us, I’ll tell you the truth:  our fall is NOT planned.  This is so hard for me.  I want my i’s dotted and t’s crossed!  I want our schedule to be signed, sealed, and delivered.  What I really want is a color coded calendar so I can see my week at a glance!  But, our fall is not planned.  It was planned.  But not anymore!  I had a babysitter all lined up to begin this week.  And she was a really great babysitter.  I hired her in July and she backed out last week.  I also registered the girls for Homeschool Revels back in July, but what Keira really wants is to play homeschool soccer and to play outdoors with friends.  And so here I am, the first week in September with no calendar.  A few ideas floating around.  Just trying to breathe and believe that it will all come together…exactly as it should, exactly when it should.  I suppose that this is faith.  And this is my lesson for September.

The past couple of weeks, as friends have been posting photos of their kids going back to school on Facebook, I keep thinking about last year and how I was so worried about our decision to homeschool that I couldn’t even sleep!!  This year, I have NO DOUBT that homeschooling is right for our family.  I suppose that this scheduling uncertainty is just the universe giving me more practice with faith.  With surrender.

And helping me to keep the faith is this teaser photo that I received tonight from Bella Wang, photographer extraordinaire, from the girls’ photo shoot this morning!




  1. Three days back to “school” and I can tell you that this over scheduled life is sucky. Not enough wine to make it better. Already missing my relaxed life that last year brought me. Love the new pic…… Stay chill.

  2. Sage advice, old friend!! I don’t actually want to fill our days at all! Then we wouldn’t be able to spend lazy afternoons at Walden Pond (like this scorcha of a Friday)!! But I would like to feel more settled. To know which days will be club/lesson days…which days will be home days…and which will be the all important sitter days! We’ll get there. And while I wait, I’ll be up to scenic S. NH to partake in some of that wine!! Love, Tracy

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