Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | July 23, 2014

Why We’re Not Going Back to School in the Fall

offkltr whole family

Exciting OFF KLTR News!!

I am honored to be a guest blogger on the Alternatives to School Website!!

Please Check out my guest post:  Why We’re Not Going Back to School in the Fall.

And if you want to share the link with all of your family and friends, that’s a-okay with me (wink-wink)!!

Thanks so much for being on this journey with me, Tracy


  1. Lovely story and we are not going to back to school either! I have been homeschooling my daughters since First Grade and we are starting 3rd grade on Monday!

    • Hi Box of Chocolates! Thanks so much for your kind words! It’s just awesome to be in such good homeschoolin’ company! Happy first day of third grade to you and your girls!! Warmly, Tracy

  2. Congratulations Tracy!!!! 🙂
    Seems like you and the family are doing great!!! Hope all is well.

  3. i just read your story via the AHEM e-newsletter. thanks so much for sharing! it was a beautiful story. did your 7YO go to a Waldorf school? i’m in Western Ma and last Feb i withdrew my son (3rd grade) from his Waldorf school. we homeschooled the rest of the year. in fall, his sister will join us. she is will be a 1st grader. both had amazing Waldorf Early Childhood experiences, but sadly, my son didn’t have a great time of it in grade school. man, his shoulders came down about 3 inches after a week at home.

    • Hi Kate! Yes, my seven year old did two years of kindergarten at a Waldorf School. We loved the teacher and the community. But, school just wasn’t working for our girl. I’m so happy to hear your family’s homeschool success story, as well! I love the image of your son’s shoulders dropping three inches after a week at home! Instead of dropping down, my daughter’s shoulders rolled back (allowing her heart to open). It was an amazing transformation. Thanks so much for your comment, Kate. I hope you guys are having a great summer! Tracy

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