Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | July 12, 2014

Natural Cure for Growing Pains

all cell salts

When Keira was around 5 years old, she started having growing pains.  The pain in her legs would wake her up at night.  When the pain first started, I had no idea how to help her.  But luckily, I discovered a homeopathic remedy for growing pains!!  Now, whenever I notice that one of the girls is about to grow–or is experiencing a growth spurt–I give them the following cell salts at night, before bed:

Calc Flour 6x (cell salt)

Calc Phos 6x (cell salt)

Silicea 6x (cell salt)

You can learn more about cell salts (a type of homeopathy) on the Cell Salts section of Hyland’s Web site.

Also, when you have a minute, please check out my new Whole Health tab!

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