Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | June 8, 2014

Lauren’s Eyes: Holistic Treatment Plan

Lauren "Helping" Joy!

Lauren “Helping!” Joy During Keira’s Session

Okay!  Yesterday, I posted about looking straight into Lauren’s eyes.  And it is only by opening my own eyes and facing my own fears about Lauren’s vision that I am able to make the best choices and treatment decisions for her.

What We’ve Done So Far…

1.  We did several chiropractic foundations at the Lydian Center.  This had wonderful effect on the alignment of her eyes.

2.  We worked with Dr. Charles Krebbs at the Lydian Center.  In conjunction with the chiropractic, the energy kinesiology helped to align her eyes.  AND it made her eyes work TOGETHER!!

3.  We have been primarily working with Dr. Hunter at Children’s Hospital.  Lauren has super-cute, super-strong glasses and she patches her strong eye 2 to 4 hours a day in order to strengthen her weaker eye.  Dr. Hunter has done an excellent job, but now that we all are convinced that Lauren’s eyes are stable, we’ll see him only annually.

4.  Same story with the behavioral optometrist, Dr. Hinrichs.  We’ve worked with her for the past couple of years to align Lauren’s eyes and support her acuity as well as possible.  But she is also out of tricks.  Lauren is just doing so well.  She is using her vision amazingly well.  She is so smart.  She is able to compensate for her low vision so well.  She doesn’t need any support from Dr. Hinrichs right now.  At the end of the appointment, Dr. Hinrichs said something to the effect of – Lauren really doesn’t present as a low-vision kid.  Whatever you are doing – keep it doing it!

Well…what are we doing differently than Dr. Hinrich’s other little patients with low vision?

I’d bet the house that it’s the energy kinesiology work we do at the Lydian Center!!

Holistic Treatment Plan

1.  This spring we have finally started working on Lauren’s vision with Joy DelGiudice.  I know in my heart that just as my mother passed down her mother wound to me, Lauren’s birthmother passed down her mother wound to Lauren.  She passed down the generational wound that many Chinese women carry.  The need to have a son and the unimaginable pain of being unable to parent a daughter.  My mother wound physically manifests as headaches.  Lauren’s wound is anchored in her eyes.  And as Joy helps us to heal Lauren’s mother wound with her healing modality called SEA, we can re-write the energetic blue print that affects her eyes, making it possible for Lauren’s eyes to heal.  Do I think she’ll be a fighter pilot?  Probably not.  But do I think that this work will strengthen her eyes?  Yes, I do.  And just as important, I know the work will help to heal her birth mother (all the way across the world in China!) and the relationship between the two of them.  Just as the work that I have done with Joy has helped to heal my mother (in heaven!) and my relationship with her.

2.  And once we’ve worked through these emotional/spiritual/generational issues with Joy, we’ll work with Dr. Krebs again to fine-tune any remaining physical issues with her eyes.

We are all on our own journeys.  We are on children’s journeys with them, but ultimately, their journeys are their own.  I wish that I could erase the difficult and painful parts of my girl’s journey.  But really, the very best thing that I can do for my sweet Lauren is to work on my own issues.  By healing my own mother wound, I am modeling for her how to look straight into the eyes of that which we fear the most.


  1. How are her eyes doing? Any improvement? I’m trying to take a holistic approach with my daughter who has the same condition.

    • Hi Niki! So sorry for the delayed response!! So far as the Strabismus goes, her eyes are great! The eye doctor has taken the surgery options (BOTOX and Strabismus surgery) off the table (yippee!). I do think that the holistic treatment plan: chiropractic, energy kinesiology, and patching are a winning combination! So far as the low vision goes…I don’t really have any new data on that…we see the eye doctor later in the month, so I’ll keep you posted. Best wishes on your journey, Tracy

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