Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | January 2, 2014

Saying “Thank You” with Your Money

I remember hearing once that every time you spend money – even paying bills – you should feel like you are saying “thank you”.  Thank you, to the gas company, for the heat that keeps my family snug and warm all winter.  Thank you to Mazda, for the reliable car in which to safely transport my children (and their friends!) from one place to another.  And if you are not experiencing gratitude for the good or service you are paying for, it’s probably time to re-evaluate the expenditure.  That idea really resonated with me.  And back when I first heard it, we were paying a hefty tuition to the Waldorf School.  And as I applied this new way of viewing expenditures, I thought, yes!  I do feel like I am saying thank you with my tuition check.  Thank you for educating my daughter in a way that is aligned with my family’s values.

And now, several months after we’ve parted ways with the school, we’ve received several requests for money from the Waldorf School of Lexington.  At first, I was annoyed.  Why would we give them money?  We paid them ALOT of money for a service and that relationship ended last June.  And then, when I reframed the situation and asked myself – would I like to say “thank you” to the school through a donation?  Well, NO!  It loudly and clearly DID NOT feel like a way I want to use our money.  But, once I removed the emotional charge from it, I was able to sit with the request for money and I came to understand that the school is just asking for what it needs:  money!  And so, I thought, what would I like from the school?  What good or service could the school provide to my family so that I would feel happy to donate its annual fund?  The answer came loud and clear:  homeschool eurythmy classes!!

And so I wrote the following email to the development office in response to their requests for financial support.  I truly, truly hope they write back!!  I think there would be  a lot to gain – on both sides – from a relationship between the school and the homeschool community.

Dear Development Office,

I received your two requests for donations to the annual fund – one via email and the other via postcard.  Our older daughter attended the Waldorf School for two years.  We had a very positive experience at the school and adored our daughter’s kindergarten teacher.  As we paid full tuition for the privilege of that experience, we left the community feeling in right relation with the Waldorf School.

But your request for our continued financial support has me thinking about how much we have missed being a part of the community.  I appreciate you sharing with us that the school needs our financial support — and I would like to take this opportunity to share with you what we, Waldorf-inspired homeschoolers, need from the Waldorf School of Lexington.  Our family would most value a weekly homeschool eurythmy class.  We also would love to participate in events like the winter sing and the May Day celebration.

We no longer feel connected to the school community, but we would love to rekindle that relationship!  And of course, if we were members of the community, we would be happy to financially support the school.  If you are interested in discussing ways to incorporate Waldorf homeschoolers into the Waldorf School of Lexington community, please contact me!

Warm Wishes for a Happy New Year,
Tracy Ventola


  1. What a great idea! You are truly amazing!!

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