Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | December 22, 2013

A Chicken Pox Thanksgiving

As we enjoy celebrating the Christmas season with family and friends, we remember celebrating Thanksgiving in quarantine!  Lauren had Chicken Pox for Thanksgiving.  Knowing that she’d been exposed to Chicken Pox, I’d counted the days ’til she’d most likely come down her own case.  And during that time, I’d worried so much.  Would she get really sick?  Would she be totally uncomfortable?  Well, our angels were shining down on us because she got less than 20 pox and Rhus Tox (a homeopathic remedy) stood up to the itching!  It was a relatively painless experience for my sweet three year old.

And then there’s Keira…my sweet little over-vaccinated seven year old.  She was also exposed to the same little boy with Chicken Pox, but because she’d gotten two doses of the Chicken Pox vaccine, she didn’t get so much as a spot.  BUT she had some kind of reaction to the exposure because she couldn’t shake a cold/flu and was outside of her self for two full weeks.  It appears that Keira had a reaction to the Chicken Pox vaccine (years ago) and this new exposure to the disease was setting off the vaccine reaction again.  Joy Del Giudice cleared all the energetic damage done by the vaccine and Keira was 100% after that.  But what if Joy weren’t in our lives?  How long would Keira have re-experienced that vaccine reaction?

I remember so well the day that I agreed to let that pediatrician vaccinate Keira against Chicken Pox.  I asked her why?  Why vaccinate against Chicken Pox?  It’s so minor.  And she told me the number of children who die each year from Chicken Pox.  Because that number was not zero, I was scared.  Scared enough to let my daughter get a shot, in hopes of protecting her.  My motives were good.  Assumedly, the doctor’s motives were good.  But now, if I could go back in time, I would show that doctor the site that explains,

“3.7 million cases of varicella zoster were estimated to occur in the US annually in the early 1990s before the chickenpox vaccine was licensed in 1995, although only a fraction were reported to the government. Data from 1992 showed that about 158,000 cases of chickenpox were reported, including about 100 deaths. More than half of the deaths were in adults because chickenpox is more serious in adults than in children.”

Okay, so pre-vaccination, there were approximately 3.7 million cases of Chicken Pox a year.  100 deaths.  100 deaths out of 3.7 million cases of the disease.  Now, of course I don’t want any children – not one child – to die from a disease.  But look at the flu mortalities – “According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), each year about 36,000 Americans, mostly in…high risk groups, reportedly die from flu complications”.

100 deaths annually from Chicken Pox vs 36,000 deaths from the Flu each year.  What the f*ck are we doing, vaccinating children against Chicken Pox?  A vaccine only lasts for so long and then what?  Oh another booster!  We are going to start giving people Chicken Pox boosters every 10 years?  Why are we as a culture so scared to get sick?  Our bodies are designed to fight illness.  And I do think that we need to exercise our immune systems so our bodies can operate at optimal levels.  In fact, some homeopaths believe that “eruptive” diseases like Chicken Pox play an important role in child development.  After fighting these diseases, children tend to make tremendous developmental leaps.  And if we, as a culture, take away these opportunities from our children, how are we affecting each child’s development – and our species’ development as a whole?

I knew in my gut that a Chicken Pox vaccine was a stupid idea.  But, I was scared to go against the doctor.  Oh, how I wish that I’d trusted my gut and declined the vaccine.  Keira could have had the Chicken Pox with Lauren.  Lied on the couch for a few days.  Watched some (forbidden fruit) TV.  She could have gotten life-long immunity to Chicken Pox.


  1. Great post, Tracy! I felt/feel the same way regarding over-use of vaccines and lack of natural immunity. As I try to tell myself, “you don’t know what you don’t know,” and not beat myself up about choices I made early in motherhood. Glad everyone is healthy and happy for Christmas! Have a merry one! -Kerry

    • Hey New Mama of Four!! Thank you so much for your kind words! Your comment was a wonderful Christmas (Eve) gift! Thank you. Hugs, Tracy

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