Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | November 12, 2013


k and l happiness

I have been all over Keira the past few weeks about choosing a homeschool class or activity to start up in the New Year.  I had been feeling like she NEEDED something else in her week.  But she does not WANT one single addition to her week.  Nothing.  What she really wants is for me to stop pestering her!!  In fact, she’s articulated this quiet clearly.

As this push and pull was going on, I received the new Home Education Magazine and was struck by the following quote:

We all want our children to be happy.

Somehow, some way, today

show them something that makes you happy,

something you truly enjoy.

Your own happiness is contagious.

They learn the art from you.

-William Martin

Hmm…well, I guess that I do want her to take a class so that she’ll be happy.  Huh.  But, I suppose her true wish, to be left alone to play outside, to draw, to play doggies and kitties with her sister…and of course attend Cherry Blossoms, is what makes her happy.  But what about me??  Perhaps it is ME that needs to find what makes me happy?  Okay, not perhaps, IT IS ME that needs to do something that makes me happy.  And so…I solemnly swear to leave Keira alone and find something that I love to do!

Wishing you contagious happiness!!  Tracy


  1. This is such an insightful post, Tracy, and gives me a lot to think about!

    • Oh, Kerry! Thank you for the lovely compliment. And for being on the journey with me!

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