Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | November 5, 2013

Waging War on Disease. Huh?!

I have wondered about our culture’s war against cancer.  Working against something doesn’t seem to ever really work.  You have to work TOWARDS something.  My understanding of the Law of Attraction is that the universe does not hear “no” or “not” – so I doubt it would hear “war against”…thus all the universe hears from our “war against cancer!” is CANCER!  So instead of waging a war against cancer, I think that we have to work TOWARDS or FOR health (and peace, love, and happiness while we’re at it!).  So when I received the following article entitled “Think Before You Pink”:  Stop Corporate Pinkwashing! by Begabati Lennihan, a classical homeopath at the Lydian Center, it really resonated with me.  So much so, that I’d like to share it with you…

Did you know that Breast Cancer Awareness Month was started by Astra Zeneca, a pharmaceutical company that sells cancer treatments AND carcinogenic pesticides?  Or that most companies that try to buy your brand loyalty, and/or get you to spend more money on their “pink ribbon” products, are selling products laced with carcinogenic chemicals?  Or that mammograms are not preventive medicine? Mammograms do not prevent breast cancer! Mammograms don’t do anything until you already have breast cancer! Meanwhile, mammograms contribute to breast cancer because they are a form of radiation. (Use European thermography instead as your first line of screening, available in the Boston area at the fabulous holistic gynecology office of my friend Dr. Dawna Jones.)  Or that we don’t need more money for cancer research? Cancer is already being cured in many countries around the world. Homeopathy is used to cure breast cancer in India. In countries like Germany and Mexico there are clinics where cancer is cured with herbs and advanced vitamin formulas.

We don’t need funds to find a cure for cancer. We need to invite these experts to the US to teach us. Sadly, some of the best cancer-curing physicians in the US have been driven out of the country by the FDA.  Why? Because cancer is big business in this country, and holistic practitioners who treat it are a big threat, hence driven underground or driven out of the country.

So what can we do about it? I would begin with Breast Cancer Action, where you can find out more about the hypocrisy behind pinkwashing (putting pink ribbons on toxic cancer-causing substances).  Then I would get Leigh Forston’s lovely Embrace, Release, Heal, in which she describes many different natural cancer cures, ranging from raw foods to macrobiotics, from prayer circles to intravenous drips in Mexico. There’s so much good information here: methods that cure cancer can of course help prevent it, and this book will give you hope.

Wishing you HEALTH (and Peace, Love, and Happiness, too)!  Tracy

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