Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | October 12, 2013

Acupuncture Cures Snoring!!


During our summer vacation, I slept many nights in the twin bed one foot away from Keira’s twin bed in the loft of our teeny, tiny cottage rental.  It was during those two weeks that I realized something:  KIERA NO LONGER SNORES!!  That little 40 pounder could snore down our entire house!!  You would have thought it was Rob snoring; she was THAT loud!  I had been wondering if the many hundreds of dollars we’d spent on acupuncture treatments had been worth the investment.  I *think* that they helped to settle her into herself.  I *think* they may have released some of her anxiety.  But I KNOW! that they cured her snoring.  Imagine how much better her sleep is now that she isn’t wasting so much energy on her breathing/snoring?!  Thank you, oh thank you, Mr. Kuwahara!!

To learn more about Mr. Kuwahara and his Japanese acupuncture clinic, CULIA KI CLINIC in Watertown, MA – check out the post Practitioners we LOVE!:  Mr. Kuwahara.


  1. That’s awesome. With every pregnancy I snored like a 300 pound man. Could have used some assistance! A good friend (and amazing acupuncturist) of mine uses Mr. Kuwahara too and has for years. He’s supposed to be incredible.

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