Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | September 28, 2013


DAYS of fun in this castle!!

DAYS of fun in this castle!!

So…I guess that I took the summer off from, huh?!  It wasn’t really intentional…it just sorta happened.  And I didn’t realize how much I missed it ’til I started blogging again this week.  On Monday, I met a world (or at least regionally!) famous blogger at Keira’s art class – and that meeting inspired me to start writing again!  So thank you, Kerry!!  Check out Kerry’s awesome blog City Kids Homeschooling.

We had such a great summer!  I’d love to share some of our adventures with you!!  Here are some of the highlights:

*  A weekend on the Cape with our dear friends the Ostergaards.  I am always so happy to catch up with my sweet Godson, Jack!  And I must admit that I am tickled to watch a friendship bloom between Keira and my girlfriend’s daughter.  Two generations of girlfriends!!

*  Keira went to yoga camp for two weeks.  She LOVED it.  And next year Lauren will be old enough to go, too!!  That will make KLT very happy, as it was not fun to drag Lauren away from drop-off kicking and screaming about wanting to go, too!!

*  Sadly, we said goodbye to our awesome babysitter Kumi, who got a lead kindergarten teacher job in Washington.  We miss our Kumi, but are so happy for her.  When I hired Kumi, I knew that our time with her would be short.  She was way overqualified to be babysitting.  But we had a great year together!

*  And Gloucester!!  Our family has fallen in love with the beach!!  Of course it doesn’t hurt that we got to spend the entire two weeks with our dear friends, the Kings!!  Rob took two whole weeks off and we rented a teeny tiny cottage.  Being outside – under the sun, on the sand, and in the water – had an amazing affect on the girls.  It was wonderful to watch the transformation that took place in each of them by being outside all day, everyday in nature…

At the beginning of the vacation, Lauren wouldn’t go anywhere near the water.  Not even if we carried her and held her the whole time.  So…she did a lot sitting on the beach and playing in the sand and (pretty much non-stop) eating.  Oh, and she HATED seaweed (of which there was quite a bit!).  Then, all of the sudden, one day I looked up from book and saw her standing up to her neck in the water.  WHAT?!  She got her beach groove on, I guess!!  And after that, her favorite game was pulling the big girls on the surf board!

And Keira…oh my God, Keira!  At first, she would ride the boogie boards with the other big girls.  She would sit on the paddle board while one of her buddies paddled them around the shallow water.  She would hang on with her legs so tight that there was impossible for her to fall off!!  And then, one day, near the end of vacation, an amazing thing happened.  She stood up on the paddle board and paddled herself.  Luckily she couldn’t see me as I cried quietly from my chair on the beach.  Over those two weeks, I actually saw a physical transformation in her.  Her shoulders pulled back; her heart opened.  We will be going to the beach for the entire summer next year (right, Rob?!)!!

So thank you KIngs, for sharing your beach and your home with us this summer.  We are so lucky to have you as our forever friends!!

The experience of just being at the ocean for the entire day and seeing how it affected, really nurtured, all four us really got me thinking about the childhood that I experienced – being outside on my bike and free! all day – versus the highly structured, always supervised childhoods into which we have forced our children.  So believe it or not, I’ve done some reading on just that topic and will blog more about it next week!!  Stay tuned!!

Pa, Gram, and the girls in Rockport

Pa, Gram, and the Girls in Rockport


  1. Thanks so much for the shout-out, Tracy! It’s been great meeting you!

    • Oh you’re welcome, Kerry! You have a fabulous blog!! Following it last spring helped me to take the leap into homeschooling. And it continues to inspire me as my family begins to build our homeschoolin’ life. Love, Tracy

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