Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | May 30, 2013

Girl Power! Summer Opportunity for Girls (ages 10 to 14)

This class just looks SOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!  My girls are too young (but will be there when they’re old enough!!), but perhaps some of your girls might be interested??  The teacher, Susanne Liebich, is my NIA teacher and she is truly wonderful.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.


A Positive Growth Experience for Girls Coming of Age (10 to 14)


The Story of GirlPower!

By Susanne Liebich

“GirlPower! is a holistic wellness program offered through Concord-Carlisle Adult Education in its sixth summer.  One week sessions starting June 24th, July 8th and August 26th run 9am to 4pm daily at our new location, Yoga & Nia for Life on 50 Beharrel Street in West Concord.   Registration is through CC Adult and Community Education at or 978-381-1432.

When my daughter started going through puberty,  I noticed changes in her personality, physical appearance and emotional being which indicated my days of having a “little girl” were over.  While I tried to accept this, I also felt her safety, her health, her learning and even her self-care were increasingly out of my control.  Although we were careful in what media to expose her to when she was younger, it was becoming more difficult to protect her from outside influences when she was outside the home.  My daughter, and other girls of her age, were barraged with media images on the internet  of skinny young women.   These images evolved into unrealistic expectations which developed into insecurities about weight, body image, beauty and social acceptance.

On top of the motivation to be physically perfect, pressure on girls also comes from expectations  that young women will exceed in school and athletics, have an extremely successful  and fulfilling career, raise a wonderful family and  maintain a pristine house.    Never has a generation of girls had so much pressure on its shoulders.

At that time, my observation was that perhaps what girls needed was something completely different, where learning was stress-free and where they could simply “be” who they are in a completely non-competitive, nurturing and accepting environment. My idea was to come up with a program where certain self-care skills such as yoga, nutrition, cooking, and hiking were taught along with expressive activities such as art, dance and music.  There would be a general theme and a mix of activities each day, and the overall result would be one of enjoyment, relaxation and acquiring self-confidence through learning how to care for oneself.

Also, with a supportive environment, it’s easy to foster new friendships where each girl can shine individually and yet still feel part of the community. This year, our community includes the backdrop of the wonderful village of West Concord  where small independent businesses thrive and support each other.   I  also wanted to provide girls with a ‘safe cocoon’ to meet new friends outside the typical social cliques at school and more competitive activities. 

GirlPower!  is about providing girls with the chance to be their unique selves,  making healthy choices, and being part of a supportive community.  GirlPower! is about loving and accepting who you are. 

Be a part of the GirlPower! community.  Join us this summer at Yoga & Nia for Life for our summer program sponsored by Concord-Carlisle Adult and Community Education during the weeks of June 24th,      July   8th and August 26th .  For more information and images of previous GirlPower! programs, go to  or call Susanne at (508)527-3570.    To register, call 978-318-1432 or register online at  .

3  One-Week sessions (9-4) start 6/24, 7/8, 8/26 (four day)

Cost:  $550 including lunch, snacks and supplies

Location:  Yog & Nia for Life

50 Beharrel Street, West Concord, MA

for Questions email:

For more information and  a schedule of events visit :

Register online: or call 978-318-1432

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