Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | May 28, 2013

Holistic Practitioners We LOVE!: T. Koei Kuwahara


Mr. Kuwahara is the director of the CULIA KI CLINIC in Watertown, MA (it’s right behind Not Your Average Joe’s in Watertown Square). Mr. Kuwahara practices a type of acupuncture called Hari.  Hari is a refined system of Japanese five phase meridian therapy.  Hari is both a medical practice and a unique approach to healing. A fundamental characteristic of Hari is the practitioner’s sensitivity to Ki and his/her ability to connect heart-to-heart to the patient.

To facilitate healing of the body, heart and soul is the intent of Hari.  Hari treatments bring dignity and harmony back to the life force.  What is life force?  Your life force is your energy, spirit, heart, mind, body, light, and your reason for living. Your life force includes the connection you have to others and to the whole universe.  We don’t treat narrow symptoms or fight disease. Hari treatments work on a much deeper level to awaken the heart and to renew the “flame of hope” within the patient. The essence of Hari treatment comes from the awakening of a special phenomenon within the patient known as a “return to nature”. This is felt as a harmonic rhythm of Ki that manifests when the hearts of the practitioner and the patient resonate and become attuned with the whole universe. When we are attuned in this way, we heal naturally. Our innate wisdom is restored and we access joy, hope and love. Both the practitioner and the patient benefit from the treatment and experience a mutual encouragement to grow and to heal.

Treatments – Adults

We use pulse and abdominal diagnosis as an accurate method to observe the functioning of the patient’s Ki.  The pulse is like a monitor reflecting the changes taking place in the patient during the progression of the treatment.  The needle techniques are gentle, yet effective on a deep level.  We use contact or touch needling, which is a noninvasive method.  A gold or silver needle is touched or superficially inserted to the acupuncture points. In some treatments, we burn an herb on the acupuncture point to deepen the treatment.  This is known as Moxibustion.

Treatments – Children

Hari is safe and gentle for babies and children.  We practice Shoni-Hari, which is a form of Japanese Pediatric Acupuncture.  Shoni-Hari is intended for children from birth to about 12 years old.  We do not insert needles into children.  We use a special pediatric needle that is gently stroked on the meridians.  The children enjoy their treatments and get relief from asthma, headache, and abdominal pain.  In Japan, Shoni-Hari is highly regarded as a preventive medical treatment.  Regular Shoni-Hari treatments help strengthen the parent-child relationship and improve the spiritual and emotional development of the child.


Like all OFF KLTR therapeutic relationships, we went to see Mr. Kuwahara in search of sleep for Keira.  Once again, we have not actually attained this (seemingly impossible) goal, but we have gotten many other wonderful gifts from our work with Mr. Kuwahara.  First and foremost, Keira is beginning to settle into herself.  WHEN HER CRANIOELECTRICAL IS IN, she is much more her true, flowing (type 2!) self.  She is just more content.  She doesn’t mind so much when Lauren receives my attention.  She is able to play on her own.

Lauren also JUST began working with Mr. Kuwahara, for issues around constipation.  The treatments have already started to ease her discomfort!  And boy, does my little girl LOVE to get treatments!  Keira likes Mr. Kuwahara, too – but I think that she more appreciates his unconditional acceptance of her shyness…and the fact that he makes her feel better, doesn’t hurt either!

Mr. Kuwahara is really a man of few words, but he connects well with my children.  And when I ask direct questsions to him, he gives me very good answers.  I think that he is helping both of my girls to be more at home in their bodies.  Come to think of it, I could use a dose or two of that!!


  1. A friend of mine who is an acupuncturist and even teaches at the school in Watertown swears by this guy and has recommended him to me for years. Good find!

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