Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | May 26, 2013

Holistic Practitioners We Love!: Tanya Renner

Tanya Renner practices homeopathy.

Tanya Renner was a student in the first graduating class of Teleosis Homeopathic Collaborative in Boston and now serves as a core faculty member and administrator at the school.  She maintains a private homeopathic practice in Hollis, NH.  Tanya does not have a Web site, but you can reach her at

We had many stops along the way, but are overjoyed to have finally found Tanya.  You can read about how we connected with Tanya in the OFF KLTR Homeopathic Journey posts:  part 1part 2part 3


What originally drew me to Tanya’s practice is that she practices:  (1) classical homeopathy, (2) inspiring homeopathy, and (3) Post-Vaccination Syndrome and CEASE Therapy.  In my opinion, this is HIGHLY DESIRABLE in a homeopath!

Here’s an overview of these three types of homeopathy:

1.  In classical homeopathy, treatment usually consists of prescribing one remedy at a time even when multiple symptoms are present, in order to address the (singular) spiritual cause of illness.

2.  Inspiring Homeopathy was discovered by  Dr. Tinus Smits He contended that at the individual layer everybody needs his individual (constitutional) remedy, but once arrived in the universal layers only a few remedies can be used.  There are 9 universal or Inspiring remedies.  …This way of homeopathic treatment goes really to the roots of mankind’s suffering and is quite different from the classical homeopathic treatment, hence the name: Inspiring Homeopathy.

3. Post-Vaccination Syndrome and CEASE Therapy.  Post-Vaccination Syndrome (PVS) is a medical diagnosis of a great number of symptoms due to vaccinations. This work formed the foundation for the CEASE therapy.  Both PVS homeopathy and CEASE therapy were discovered by  Dr. Tinus Smits.


Keira and her mama work with Tanya and we both truly LOVE her!  The first time that we met with Tanya she made a house call.  Yup!  She came to our house to meet the whole family.  She is lovely; she has such a lovely demeanor.  What blew both Rob and me away was that Tanya connected to Keira during the intake!  This was obviously supported by the meeting happening at our house – but it remains amazing!  A testament to Tanya.  Keira had been having nightmares and wouldn’t tell us anything about the bad dreams, but she opened up to Tanya.  Unbelievable.  Amazing.  Awesome.

As Tanya’s office is in Southern New Hampshire, we do most of our consults on the phone.  And I love her.  She’s so easy to talk to…so interested in our family and helping our whole family to function better individually and as a unit.  (As an aside, this is where I feel classical homeopathy falls apart.  They only look at the patient as a separate, unconnected individual.)

Since we started seeing Tanya, Keira’s nightmares have stopped and she isn’t quite as “raw” – she’s still so incredibly sensitive, both emotionally and physically – but she isn’t the same raw, open nerve she was a few months ago when we started.  And me?  Well, for starters, I can stay awake past 7PM!!  My energy is so much better.  And the homeopathy is really supporting me and the heavy work that I am doing with Joy del Guidice to clear my old wounds and to replace my old focus on my inadequacies and imperfections with feelings of gratitude and self-acceptance and love.  So drop Tanya an email so you can start working with her this summer (wink-wink)!!

As always, thanks so much for reading my blog.  Much Love, Tracy

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