Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | May 3, 2013

Waldorf Homeschooling

Okay…so while the homeschooling is on! – I am not feeling inclined to sit Keira down and tell her that she is not going back to school next year.  At school today, the kids drew pictures for the new first grade teacher and she’s coming in to visit (next week, I would guess).  So…of course Keira has it in her mind that she’s going on to first grade with her friends.  I can already see the drama that would result from a formal conversation discussing our decision to homeschool next year.  I am thinking that I may just leave things up in the air.  Then, this summer, we’ll start hanging out with some homeschooling friends.  Keira will settle in with some lovely little homeschool girls and then when fall rolls around, we’ll just keep on doin’ what we’ve been doin’ all summer!  I think that it will work.  I think it will cause the least stress.

But I remain unsettled by this strategy.  I am a “full disclosure” kinda gal.  While this isn’t usually a bad thing, sometimes I bring up things WAY too prematurely thereby creating lots of unnecessary angst (for me and the recipient of the my premature truth-telling).  And I really don’t want any unnecessary angst at home.  Oh dear.  Well, all I can do is talk to my angels about this tonight, I suppose…

So anyway, we took a two week April vacation (did you know that moms can add a week to vacations?!).  We used the time to do some very hands-on research – we attended homeschool activities!  It was a great couple of weeks.

At this point, I am feeling most drawn to the Waldorf homeschool community.  So…we’re moving in that direction!  Here’s my Waldorf Homeschool Research…

1.  Waldorf Northeast Homeschooling (grades 1 – 8) Yahoo Group

Waldorf homeschooling parents who reside in the northeast U.S. region –
specifically, MA, ME, NH, VT, CT, RI, NY, NJ, and PA – with discussion and
support from a perspective that is both grassroots-based and

2.  Under the Willow Tree – Yahoo Group

Waldorf-inspired homeschool group. Our members come from a large geographic area
around Boston; from Metro-west, to the North Shore and up into Southern New
Hampshire.   This group is a sub-set of the Waldorf Northeast Homeschooling.

3.  Little Ponderers

The Pond Side Classroom is an alternative homeschool program for children to grow through the heart and hands as well as the head.  Our program is intended to supplement your child’s homeschool program and guide children with respect to their needs, interests and home activities primarily using the Waldorf approach.

4.  Forest Gnomes – A Waldkindergarten Program at Natick Community Farm

Forest Gnomes is a year-round Waldkindergarten program at the Natick Community Farm.  The program for pre-school aged children takes place in the outdoors – a classroom without walls, changing with the seasons.

5.  I also discovered a homeschool kindergarten program in Lexington, MA.  But the teacher does not advertise on the internet.  The program sounds fantastic!  So drop me a note if you are interested in learning more and I’ll point you in the right direction!!

6.  It seems that the curriculum of choice for Waldorf homeschool mamas is Christopherus, but there are LOTS of competitors out there.  Check out the Waldorf Family Network for lots more resources!

7.  I registered for a homeschooling workshop this summer at Michaelmas Farm in scenic Ashby, MA.  And as it happens, I grew up in the next town over!!  I found out about the workshop on the Waldorf Northeast Homeschooling Yahoo Group (see #1 above)

8.  Farms with Homeschool Programs (these are NOT specifically Waldorf programs)

Farming for Homeschoolers at the Natick Community Farm

4-week Homeschool Program at the Wright-Locke Farm in Winchester

Land’s Sake Farm in Weston is starting up a homeschool program, but it doesn’t seem to be on their Website.

9.  Revels – is a group that celebrates the seasons through the power of traditional song, dance, storytelling, and ritual from cultures around the world.  In Watertown (MA) there is a weekly program of songs, singing games, and part-singing for home-schooled children.

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