Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | April 10, 2013

New Photos are Up!


New photos of the OFF KLTR girls are up!  Bella Wang has out-done herself again!!  Check out the girls – and Bella’s new beautiful site!


  1. Look at those gorgeous girls! These photos are fabulous! Thanks for sharing.

    Auntie Jenny

    • Thanks, Jenny! I hear that you have wheels for a few weeks!! Are you driving EVERYWHERE?! xoxo, T.

  2. Oh, Tracy…those are amazing pictures. Can I have Bella take pictures of my kids at your house? And will you pick out their outfits?

    • Mi casa es tu casa, Lori!! And you don’t need any help picking out your kids’ outfits, my dear friend – your cutie patooties in their matching Hanna Anderssen parkas would photograph beautifully!!! xo, T.

  3. Seriously? They are so amazing. The girls are gorgeous. As always. I cannot believe how grownup Lauren is. They both are quite lovely ladies. Bella is amazing–and so are you!

  4. Hi Tracy!!! Yay! So happy you love how they turned out. I hope you’ve already made use of them :). Many thanks for having me over again and I hope you’re all doing well.

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