Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | April 7, 2013

OFF KLTR Homeopathic Journey (Part 3 of 3)

To read Part 2 of the OFF KLTR Homeopathic Journey, visit yesterday’s post.

Since Keira was being aggrevated by her constitutional remedy, we stopped homeopathy altogether.  That is until Lauren had been home for several months and Keira was just a mess AGAIN.  I was feeling particularly desperate and asked one of my own healers for advice – and she recommended that we start seeing another homeopath at the Lydian Center.  She was trained in classical homeopathy – but she also practiced two other kinds of homeopathy:  Inspiring Homeopathy and Post-Vaccination Homeopathy/CEASE.  My desperation combined with my respect for/faith in my own healer gave me the courage to try homeopathy again.

I have to say that things started out fabulously!  No aggravations for Keira!  Her behavior got BETTER.  She wasn’t having full-blown, out of control tantrums or pushing her sister down stairs.  Things were looking up!

But then the new homeopath called me one day to let me know that she was retiring.  And not only was she retiring, she also felt that homeopathy wasn’t a necessary healing art.  It was too similar to pharmacology – popping a pill to heal the problem.  WHAT?!  We were seeing results!!  She just “got” both Keira and me!!  We’d just paid like $400 for our intakes a few months ago!!  And she’s retiring?!  And now she thinks homeopathy is unnecessary?!  We should all just vibrate harmoniously with the angles.  Oh okay, why didn’t I think of that?!  WTF?!  OUT WENT MY CRANIOELECTRICAL.  a $65 visit to the chiro and a $200 visit to Joy later, and I was back on track.  But we took a break from the homeopathy again.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t quite able to just vibrate in harmony with the universe and knew that I needed – and Keira needed – some more support.  So…I went on a super-mama search for another homeopath that practiced inspiring homeopathy and Post-Vaccination Homeopathy/CEASE.  So I suppose the bright side of the homeopath’s sudden retirement was that I had to really dig into the world of homeopathy in an attempt to find a homeopath like her – so we could have results like her again!

Luckily, I found Dr. Tinus Smits’s Website.  Dr. Smits “always believed that the therapeutic possibilities of homeopathy could be improved by careful observation and registration of the results of homeopathic treatments. He developed Inspring Homeopathy which treats universal layers able to heal the deep disorders of the suffering mankind.  Vaccinations and their impact on children and adults always had his special attention. And he developed an effective treatment to heal autistic children, the CEASE therapy.”

Dr. Smits explains about Inspiring Homeopathy that “at the individual layer everybody needs his individual (constitutional) remedy, but once arrived in the universal layers only a few remedies can be used.  There are 9 universal or Inspiring remedies.  This aspect of universal layers, where the individuality of the patient seems to be lost, can be for the classical homeopath a big obstacle. But once the patient enters these universal layers practice proved to me that these remedies were the best ones to resolve their problems and to help them to evolve to deeper awareness and more stability in both physical and emotional, mental and spiritual health.  …This way of homeopathic treatment goes really to the roots of mankind’s suffering and is quite different from the classical homeopathic treatment, that’s why I gave it a new name: Inspiring Homeopathy.

So I guess that in essense, the reason that the classical homeopathy was aggrevating Keira was because she just wasn’t ready for her constitutional remedy.  There were these huge more universal layers that needed to be dealt with first – via the inspiring homeopathy.  Really adoption, even under the very best of cirucumstances, involves loss.  A child’s loss of her birth mother.  A birth mother’s loss of her child.  So…this loss had to be dealt with before we could delve into the more “specialized” classical or constitutional homeopathic remedy.

And Keira’s need for the Post-Vaccination Homeopathy/CEASE really makes sense, too – given her DOUBLE vaccination (in China and once home).  Oh I’m so sorry my sweet Keira.

So…after I found Dr. Smits’s site, I cross referenced with The Teleosis School of Homeopathy, located here in the Boston area – where I knew the homeopath had been deeply involved – and came up with one name:  Kim Kalina.  Kim seems to be THE inspiring homeopathy woman.  But her clinic is based in New York.  I had a phone appointment with Kim and she referred me to a more local practitioner.

And so, I joyfully announce that OFF KLTR has a new homeopath who practices a combination of Classical, Inspiring, and Vaccination/CEASE therapies:  Tanya Renner of scenic Hollis, NH!  Stay tuned for more on our work with Tanya.

If I have given you WAY TOO MUCH information in these three posts, fear not – tomorrow, I will write a clear, concise summary of (my understanding of) homeopathy!


  1. Loving these accounts, btw. I’m still with ya—even if I haven’t been commenting so freely lately. 😉 But now I want to drive to Hollis, NH for Owen….and I’m not sure that fits into my schedule or my budget. Argh. Can’t wait to hear more!

    • Hey Rainbow Girl!! So happy to hear from you. You know…Tanya is part of the Teleosis Homeopathy School (which is in the area…maybe even Cambridge?). She actually did a home visit for our first visit!! She stopped by one day on her way to the school. Might be worth a call? And she don’t charge no Lydian Center prices either! Yee-Ha! $125 for the intake. I made sure that she met Lauren and Rob, too – so that she could get their energetic vibes without us driving up to Hollis when one of them needs to start seeing her! I’ve done everything else over the phone and email so far. I will say that Rob and I were blown away by how much Keira talked to Tanya! Keira ansawered Tanya’s question (in her baby Lauren voice), but she answered her questions honestly – and audibly. A not so minor miracle considering that she’d never met the woman!! We were shocked and thrilled! Both Keira and I just started our remedies on Friday, so it hasn’t been enough time for me to really say much more than Tanya is lovely and seems very competent and comes very highly recommended. I’ll keep you updated (whether you want me to or not! ha!) xoxo, Tracy

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