Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | April 6, 2013

OFF KLTR Homeopathic Journey (Part 2 of 3)

To read Part 1 of the OFF KLTR Homeopathic Journey, visit my post from a few days ago.

So the first homeopath that Keira and I worked with was Begabati Lennihan, a talented classical homeopath.  There were a few things that she just hit out of the park!  Keira had had a wart on her thumb for over a year and it disappeared overnight when we started working with Begabati!  And when I couldn’t sleep, Begabati gave me a remedy that made me fall asleep within minutes of taking it!  And when Keira had fluid in her ears and the pediatrician wanted to put her on super high-dose antibiotics, we worked with Begabati and within a week, the fluid was gone!  She also “cured” Keira’s growing pains that kept her awake at night!

As I mentioned, Begabati is a classical homeopath.  A classical homeopathic treatment usually consists of prescribing one remedy at a time even when multiple symptoms are present, in order to address the (singular) spiritual cause of illness.  The goal of the practitioner is to find her patient’s “constitutional remedy”.  A constitutional remedy is one homeopathic medicine used to treat a  constellation of symptoms in one person. Generally, constitutional treatment is  used in treating more chronic cases.

Here’s a little more detail about constitutional remedies (thank you Hyland’s!)

Homeopathic medicines work on every system of the body: mental, physical and  emotional. Homeopathic medicines are also useful for both acute illness (those  that run its course without any drug or physician’s intervention) and chronic  illnesses (those which must be monitored by a license practitioner).

Each homeopathic medicine has it’s own symptom picture. Many times, a  homeopathic remedy’s symptom picture may “look like” a person. For example, the  symptom picture most often associated with Nux Vomica includes conditions  brought on by excess eating, drinking, smoking, hyperactivity, dyspepsia,  headache over the eyes, wakes up at 3:00 a.m. and worse from stimulants.

If somebody is classified as a “type A” personality-always moving about, does  everything to extreme (in work and play), has a nervous stomach, often wakes at  3:00 a.m. thinking about what didn’t get accomplished that day (or what needs to  be done the next day) and is always drinking a cup of coffee, that person may be  classified as a “constitutional Nux Vomica.”

If somebody is under the care of a homeopathic physician, they will often be  treated with one remedy, their constitutional remedy.  This remedy will  treat the whole person on all levels to relieve many acute symptoms.

But something very unfortunate was happening with Keira.  She was being aggravated by her constitutional remedy!!  Her behavior actually became more aggressive!!  A classical homeopath would argue that this means that they’d found the perfect remedy for the patient – the potency just needs to be decreased.  But we could not give Keira even the tiniest dose of her constitutional remedy or she would go crazy!  So we took a break from the homeopathy…

Stay tuned for part 3 of the series!

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