Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | March 27, 2013

Holistic Practitioners We LOVE!: Joy DelGiudice

Updated 2021:  Off KLTR parted ways with this energy healer several years ago.  We are grateful for the many gifts that we gained from the relationship and wish her well on her journey.  You can view my current healer roll-a-dex.     

Joy DelGiudice practices Energy Kinesiology.

Joy’s journey to Energy Kinesiology began like so many other super-mama’s stories do…with her kid!!…in 1992, when educators suggested Joy’s elder son had ADHD at a time when the only answer seemed to be medication.  She began searching for explanations and non-medicinal alternatives. Was society attempting to fit a generation of children into a predetermined role, potentially damaging their creativity, vitality, and self-esteem? She began to wonder if the classroom was damaging children’s neural circuitry and causing learning dysfunction, and that the learning “dysfunction” was the brain’s effort to survive stressful situations. These doubts led Joy on a twenty-year quest to search for alternative solutions.  Learn more about Joy DelGuidice on the Lydian Center Website and her website Living Joy!ous.


Joy DelGiudice’s specialty is Somatic Emotional Acupressure (S.E.A.TM).

S.E.A.TM uses a combination of muscle monitoring, acupressure, energy kinesiology and energy rebalancing techniques to pinpoint and release specific pathways of emotional stress and trauma. S.E.A.TM specifically addresses the early moments of emotional overwhelm that may be causing loss of brain-body-emotional balance and coherence.

The S.E.A.TM practitioner tracks emotional stress and trauma through the physical, emotional, mental and energetic systems, moving through time and levels of consciousness, through the body and the brain, journeying on visceral and emotional currents to find the original repressed emotional charge. Finding the imprint moment means finding the first time the body/system had to survive a moment of overwhelming shock. To survive, it created a strategy. Until we can disconnect it, that survival strategy remains a functional part of our approach to life, triggered each time we encounter a situational experience that hits the same or similar energetic frequency of image, flavor, pitch, tone or volume.

S.E.A.TM allows the practitioner to connect with these unconscious survival strategies and release them deep in the unconscious system. If left unaddressed long enough, these survival strategies or patterns of resistance, may ultimately be expressed as pain, dysfunction and/or disease at one or multiple levels. We do not need the conscious memory or the details of the event itself to release the referencing charge that is still held within the nervous system. The system is allowed to retain its secrets, if needed, honoring the inherent wisdom within each of us.

Wherever there is fear within us there is a moment connected to it where we lost our power, or gave it up to survive. The moment we were overwhelmed is like an energetically frozen file left open on our desktop, still requiring and drawing energy even though we may be unaware of its existence. We lose energy, strength, and ultimately health due to our past, unfinished business. When another wounding event occurs, such as an accident or health issue, the somatic system may have little or no energy left in reserve and can lose its the ability to heal itself.

Closing the energetic files allows us to bring the distorted and distracted energy that has been routed into survival, back to our now, and we are able to live from a more centered and satisfying place, responding to our daily life, instead of responding from our remembered past.


Children and adults with:

  • Birth trauma, early medical treatments, high fevers, accidents, drug allergies or negative responses.
  • School traumas from bullies, teachers, and/or peers.
  • Clashes with a parent or authority issues.
  • Adoptions, divorces, deaths.
  • Major life events that were not adequately understood in the moment.
  • Behaviors that appear to be self-sabotaging, running counter to what we want to do.
  • Sleep issues, nightmares, sleep cycle disturbances.
  • Behavior issues, anger issues, academic issues.
  • Any number of issues that appear to cause an emotional limitation to living life the way we want to.

Why we LOVE! Joy DelGiudice

Both our girls have worked with Joy in an effort to clear some of the trauma associated with toddler adoptions.  But, the most profound changes in our family have occurred when the mother works with Joy!  Children tend to bring up their parents’ own issues (from the parents’ childhoods).  Sessions with Joy always seem to soften any of my children’s behaviors that I’d found loud or frustrating.  I am better able to parent from a place of peace and calm.

In fact, on her Website, Joy explains, “When the parent embraces S.E.A.® for themselves, their children benefit from it even more. We feel the best thing you can do for your child/children is to clear yourself of repressed emotional trauma. You will be affecting change for all your children and all your relationships. The cost benefit of sessions on yourself far outweighs doing the work on the child alone, although both is highly beneficial.”

So…much like Dr. Krebs, you MUST feel that you are getting tremendous benefit out of each session with Joy, as each session costs $200.  But I will tell you, my loyal OFF KLTR readers, working with Joy has changed my life.  I am able to see how my dear sweet daughter is a mirror for me.  How when I shift, that my girl is able to shift.  And I know that I can say this to you – I can shout it from the mountain tops, for that matter – but it won’t matter until you see/experience it for yourself.  My home is far from perfect, but it is a much better place to live because I have the privilege of working with Joy.

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