Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | March 17, 2013

Holistic Practitioners We Love: Lydian Chiropractic

Dr. Grace treating Lauren.  Lauren is holding an activator.

Dr. Grace treating Lauren. Lauren is holding an activator.

Okay!  It is my spring resolution to get back on track with the Holistic Practitioners we LOVE! series.  Lydian Chiropractic, Off KLTR’s home away from home, seems like a great place to get started!!

Lydian Chiropractic is the cornerstone of the Lydian Center for Innovative Medicine.  The Center is located in Cambridge (Massachusetts) just over the Belmont line and a few minutes away from the (always delightful!) Fresh Pond rotaries.

What makes Lydian Chiropractic different from any other chiropractor that la familia de OFF KiLTeR has worked with in the past, is that they do not “crack” your spine.  Instead they use an instrument called an activator that makes a “clicking” sound when it taps a joint.  You cannot feel it; you can only hear it!  Lauren is perhaps the world’s greatest fan of “click-clicks”.  And the other important difference in Lydian Chiropractic’s approach is how completely it views the integration of the mind-body-spirit.

Axial Stability Method, the chiropractic technique we use at Lydian Chiropractic, is unusually effective at treating biomechanical injury – chronic structural instabilities within the core of the body.  Because of this, our treatments often have wide-ranging benefits for health and well-being. We help people with:

  • headaches
  • back & neck pain
  • stiff joints
  • aching shoulders, arms and legs
  • sciatica
  • numbness and tingling
  • repetitive stress injury, poor posture
  • low immune functioning, chronic illness
  • fatigue
  • poor balance, clumsiness
  • sensory processing issues
  • gross and fine motor skills
  • learning disabilities
  • child developmental delays

Preventive Treatment

We treat biomechanical structure to improve function. Proper functioning of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems can delay or prevent the onset of common degenerative diseases such as arthritis, and maintain quicker reaction time both physically and mentally. Treating biomechanical injury during childhood can prevent chronic aches and pains in adulthood.  Everyone – even if they are asymptomatic and relatively complaint-free – should be checked for biomechanical injury, especially if they have any kind of chronic or episodic pain, an awkward walk, funny clicks in joints, or one hip or shoulder lower than the other.

Many people who do not have overt complaints have reported increased energy, ease of movement, and an elevated sense of well-being after finishing treatment.  Most people are laboring harder than they need to, and many suffer from biomechanical injury that lies latent for years until, out of the blue, the back “goes out,” or a knee “gives way.”  Even if the complaint isn’t pain, many people suffer from stiff muscles, numbness or tingling, poor coordination or clumsiness, poor immunity, lack of energy, “brain fog,” or sluggish thinking.

Enhancing the Effectiveness of other Kinds of Treatment

Because structural stability and efficient biomechanics profoundly affects all of the body’s functions, ASM treatment can enhance the effectiveness of other kinds of health care treatment.  When the body is freed from the background stress of structural instability, it can become more receptive to other interventions such as acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopathy, vision training, and conventional medicines. If you have plateaued in treatment with another practitioner, getting your structural system stabilized can give you a jump start and make those treatments effective once again.

Patient Testimonial
Every member of the Off KLTR clan is a patient at Lydian Chiropractic.

*  The mother originally started going for head aches.  Unfortunately, my head aches endure, BUT I am now migraine-free!!  (Knock on wood!)  And I’ve found an even larger benefit from the treatments:  relief during times of extreme emotional distress.  The way these times of emotional disequilibrium present at the chiropractor is called a cranio-electrical.  The body and spirit have split and the chiropractic treatment helps to realign the body with the spirt.  I would argue that if left untreated, it can dissolve into bouts of depression.

*  The father goes to Lydian Chiropractic for headaches and has found some relief for his stress related head aches.

*  Our sensitive big sister seems to highly affected by any type of injury – and the chiropractic treatments help get her back on track!  And, the chiropractic treatments successfully set the stage for further work with Dr. Krebs (also at the Lydian Center) that dramatically advanced her language development.

*  And for the younger sister, who was two years old when adopted internationally, the chiropractic treatments supported her seemingly overnight transformation from a baby who could not sit up without assistance to a walking, talking, and jumping – developmentally on target two-year old (who was rejected from early intervention)!  She has strabismus and the chiropractic work also helped to straighten her eyes and set the stage for further work on her eyes with Dr. Krebs and a behavioral optometrist.

We see all three chiropractors: Dr. Knutson, Dr. Grace, and Dr. Maya. They are all excellent – all three women are both talented and kind. Dr. Knutson founded and directs the center and usually does the intake and then transitions patients to one of the other chiropractors:  Dr. Grace or Dr. Maya.  Both are WONDERFUL with children and moms!  Dr. Grace is our primary care chiropractor. Lauren calls her “click-click, Dr. Grace” and Keira asks me to make her an appointment when she isn’t feeling well.  She loves my girls like they are her own kids.  We LOVE her!

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