Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | February 8, 2013

Chinese New Year – Kid’s Crafts

Ready or not – Chinese New Year begins on Sunday!!  If you aren’t ready for the holiday, yet – fear not! – Chinese New Year lasts for two weeks!!  A few days ago, I posted on OFF KiLTeR’s favorite Chinese New Year books.  And here are our favorite crafts.  All of the following crafts are from Oriental Trading, which is good news as it means they are affordable AND scalable!

Chinese New Year Crafts

1.  Paper Lanterns.  These are my favorite craft of all time.  Just use watercolors with them and any artist (age 2 or 72) will create a beautiful lantern.

2.  Paper Fans.  Girls love these!  They work best with markers.

3.  Wooden Snakes.  Good craft for this year – to welcome the year of the snake!  We used markers, but I think that paint would be cooler.  A little glitter sprinkled over the paint would be even better.

4.  Dragon Masks.  We did these for the year of the dragon, but dragons work for any year!  I recommend markers, jewels, and feathers.  BUT DO NOT DO FEATHERS at your own house.  They’re too messy.  Outside or some other venue.

5.  Dragon Fans.  Again, these are good for any year!  Markers work best.

6.  Parasols.  I have not actually done this craft, yet.  But I hope to one day.  They’re pricey – $30 for 12.  But I think they’d be a huge hit!!

Hosting a party? – Great Favor Idea

Small Red Envelopes – It is traditional in China for parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles to give children red envelopes filled with money.  You can fill the envelopes with money, or my more economical (and quite popular with the 7 and under crowd) approach is to fill the envelopes with chocolate coins.  You can get the coins at oriental trading, but I am quite sure they are full of crappola.  I get mine at Hanukkah time at Trader Joe’s – they have coins from around the world.  (I know, I know I should have mentioned this a few months ago!  Sorry.)

Happy Lunar New Year from OFF KiLTeR!!  xoxo


  1. Happy belated Chinese new year!!! 🙂

    I had a question for the mom that knows so much about kids’ resources! A friend asked me if I knew of any used bookstores specializing in classic kids’ stories. Do you know of any in town??

    Many thanks!!

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