Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | January 21, 2013

UPDATED VIDEO: Preschool is Not Necessary For Children…


Oops!  I sent out the wrong link for Sir Ken Robinson’s “little factory workers” video!  Sorry about that.  Thanks!!  Tracy

Here’s the updated part of yesterday’s post…

And since I am on my soap box, here goes:  Why do we send our children to school for 7 hour days?  Five days a week?!  I understand that public education first came about as a way to educate factory workers.  But we really don’t have any factories in the US anymore!  Why are we trying to get children used to shift work?!  We live in an age where technology makes it possible for us to work anywhere, at anytime.  So why are we treating our children like the little factory workers of tomorrow?!  And we’ve even take all the good stuff – like art and music and drama – out of our little assembly line workers’ days.  Sir Ken Robinson says this much more eloquently than I do – in this quick 10 minute video.


  1. Love this TED Talk.

    • It was really good, right?! I’m so glad that you read my blog, jeff!! And now you comment, too!! Yippee!!

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