Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | January 7, 2013

Unlearn, Deschool, and Deprogram by Marco Torres


My sister-in-law sent me this powerful video today!  It’s about the current state of education.  Even its title doesn’t hold back!  Those Who Refuse To Unlearn, Deschool and Deprogram Will Be This Generation’s Illiterate.  

The author, Marco Torres states, “IQ, college and university degrees, and actually all mainstream education only accounts for about 20% of a person’s success and that percentage  is only decreasing every year. By far the majority of a person’s success is attributable to social, emotional intelligence and the ability to foster hope. Trumping general intelligence, previous academic achievement and personality,  hope “uniquely predicts objective academic achievement,” showed a three-year longitudinal study out of the University of Manchester.

Those with higher degrees of emotional intelligence have strong filters to the everyday brainwashing which is designed to indoctrinate weak minds.   They are not as susceptible to neurolingusitic programming in schools, corporate culture, media, or societal  influences. They have a greater capacity to think for themselves because they think more with their hearts and not their minds.

Education is not just the means of making you a degree holder; it is the   gateway to the art of living. You can be culturally and socially illiterate about the world with the inability to think for yourself, yet still have a degree. Real education enables you to think, to discover the principles of life, and to correctly evaluate your experiences. Education gives you the ability to know the   difference between the achievable for the good of humanity as opposed to the achievable for malevolent masters whose only desire is power and greed.  Education empowers your strengths and allows you to excel in all the right areas that embrace your uniqueness.

Illiteracy in the coming decades will be restricted to those who have confined, robotic minds.  To those who:

  • cannot detach from the medical mindset which insists on injecting infants with vaccines or prescribing medications for every problem labeled as a disease
  • feel they must obey every law issued by government no matter how ridiculous or contrary to logical reasoning  or destructive to human nature.
  • feel a federally or centrally governed nation maintains or advances human societies
  • think government intrusion in our natural world is normal
  • think our elected leaders always have our best interests at heart.
  • think voting is actually part of the effective democratic process of an elected leader
  • feel it’s ok for our politicians to legislate to ban all weapons from the public, yet feel it’s perfectly fine to bomb other countries into oblivion.
  • still believe that the safety of a nation trumps free will and the freedom of choice.
  • see genetically modified foods and our toxic  food industry as a reasonable element in sustainable  health
  • see limitations everywhere, from earth’s resources to the potential and strength of humanity.”

Rock on, MARCO TORRES!  Read the whole article.  And, watch the video – it’s about 10 minutes, and it’s awesome!


  1. I swear, you will end up homeschooling before it’s all over. 😉 (actually, while it’s not guaranteed or 100%, of course, Jack’s tantrum-prone then-6 year old behavior did improve dramatically once he stopped school.)

    • You posted, Sarah! Accidentally. But you posted! Yippee!! Thank you. xo, Tracy

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