Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | December 18, 2012

Can I get an AMEN?!

can i get an amenWe got Lauren’s MRI results back today.  It confirmed some vision loss, but we already knew about it.  And we’ll see how it all unfolds.  But other than that – NO BAD NEWS!!  Thank you, God!!  Hands down the best Christmas present ever!!

Lauren’s eyes are looking really great.  Dr. Hunter at Children’s Hospital changed her prescription at her last appointment and it has worked wonders!  Her weak eye still turns sometimes, but her eyes are working TOGETHER.  Big, huge deal!  The only downside is that now that Lauren’s eyes are working so much better together, she is NOT interested in wearing her glasses.  And patching has become a contact sport – trying to keep the stinkin’ glasses on her!

Next steps:  (1)  See Dr. Hunter (ophthalmologist at Children’s) again in January.  (2)  Get on Dr. Kreb’s schedule in New Year.  (3)  See Dr. Hinrichs (behavioral optometrist) in February.


  1. Yay! Merry Christmas! Love your photo–I can hear the heaven’s singing.

    • Merry Christmas AND Happy New Year to you too, Heather!! I LOVE your Christmas card by they way. Those are some cute kids ‘ya got!!

  2. AMEN. Yeah what awesome news!

  3. AMEN! xoxo

  4. AMEN! Love to you all. Helen

    • Helen! You posted on my blog! You’re the best!! Thank you! And Happy New Year, BTW!!

  5. SOOOOO happy to hear the good news!! I’ve been wanting to call again and check in, but wanted to give you space. THANK YOU for posting the results– and YAHOO, glad it’s GOOD news:o) MERRY CHRISTMAS ONE AND ALL:-D

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