Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | December 16, 2012

Alternatives to Speech Therapy

Keira at Preschool

Keira at Preschool

When my sweet six-year-old was four years old, she was diagnosed with selective mutism.  “Selective mutism” means just what it sounds like – she did not speak when she did not want to speak.  In her three-year-old preschool classroom for example, she did not speak.  Ever.  At age four, Keira received speech therapy from a highly competent, very seasoned speech therapist.  She was very successful in working on Keira’s speech sound issues – like the hard “r” sound in “car”.  The therapist taught her how to shape her mouth and place her tongue, etc.  But the selective mutism piece…well…the therapist forced Keira to produce in the session…but boy was the whole thing uncomfortable to watch!  And I can only assume that it was far more uncomfortable to participate in those hour long sessions!!

So now, more than two years later…I can’t help but wonder if in time, she would have self-corrected her speech sounds.  She was only four…  If I could go back in time, I would try energy kinesiology before going down the speech therapy path.  Here is what I would do:

(1)  Take her to Joy del Guidice and see if there is some emotional component to the speech/language issue.  Joy would be able to clear any emotional issues that might be blocking the child’s speech from developing properly or just keeping the child stuck in her pattern.

(2)  After seeing Joy (one to four times, perhaps?), if the speech/language problem persisted, I would take her to Dr. Charles Krebs.  He would be able to fix any “mechanical issues” – weaknesses in the brain that are preventing the sounds/words from forming properly.  Or muscles in the mouth or tongue that are too weak to make a certain sound.

In fact, this is what we did with Keira when she was five/almost six!  We saw both of these healers and kaboom!  Her language exploded.  Don’t get me wrong, you still can’t hear her yelling in her classroom, but she talks freely and confidently with her classmates and teachers.  Ahhhhh.  Sweet verbal communication!

If you don’t live in New England, you can check out the Energy Kinesiology Association Website to search for a practitioner.  BUT PLEASE REMEMBER, not all practitioners are created equally!  Some will be awesome.  Some will be the opposite of awesome.  I would strongly, strongly recommend that you research the practitioner – ideally find a family that has used him or her – before making an appointment.  And once you see the kinesiologist, please report back to me, so I can post your experience!!


  1. Yay for Keira!! congratulations and happy holidays & a fantastic new year to you all!

    • Hi Bella!! I love your comments; you brightened my day!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well!

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