Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | December 4, 2012

The Child Whisperer

Back in October, I wrote a post about the Carol Blog.  Carole Tuttle (The Carol Blog) is an energy healer.  I must say that I like her.  And, I don’t tend to like many of these self-help people (I especially hate Wayne Dyer).  But Carol…I’d like to meet her!  She just seems so normal.  And she has so much good stuff to say!

So…the best place to start with Carol Tuttle is probably her free energy profiling course.  She explains that “there are 4 types of energetic movement in the world.  You express one of them in your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  And you have since the day you were born.”  The four types include:

“Nitrogen · Type 1

The bright, animated person who has a gift for new ideas and possibilities.

Oxygen · Type 2

The soft and calming person who has a gift for gathering details and making plans.

Hydrogen · Type 3

The swift and dynamic person who has a gift for moving into action quickly to create practical and lasting results.

Carbon · Type 4

The structured and exact person who has a gift for looking at the world through a critical eye and perfecting it.”  (quote from

You can get this course for free via email.  Just be forewarned!  You receive one email a day for a week.  I found that a bit annoying; I would have preferred all the information at once.  BUT I still really enjoyed the course.

Now…what is helpful about learning your type?  You can sort of breath into the things that you automatically do.  For example, I am hands-down a type 4 and so I literally cannot help myself from trying to make things better.  It is part of my personality.  Perfectionism is a type 4 gone too far – but seeing a problem or weakness and NEEDING to improve the situation, well, it’s part of who I am.  No more apologies.  Just acceptance.

In addition, learning your type and your partner’s type is very helpful in your relationship!  I am now able to say to Rob – “I am not critiquing you, my love, I am a type 4 and therefore, the gaping hole in the Christmas lights (in the middle of the two main windows) really stands out.  Let’s find a way to improve the Christmas lighting”.  And because he also watched the video, he can kinda-sorta believe that I cannot help myself.

And, Carol Tuttle just took her energy profiling into a new arena:  parenting!  She wrote a parenting book called the Child Whisperer.  What convinced me to buy the book is that in Waldorf Education, they believe strongly in the idea of the four temperaments.  Neither Carol Tuttle nor Rudolf Steiner (founder of Waldorf Education) invented these personality types!  I think Carol just modernizes the old tried and true information!  So when I start seeing things TWICE – especially around the idea of parenting – I know that I must listen/research!!  The universe is sending me some much needed support!   The book is good.  I think that it really helped to defuse a lot of our morning drama.  I was rushing my sweet type 2 child who cannot help the fact that she has a slow pace.  It’s part of her type 2 charm.  So, we’ve reworked some of our morning processes over here and our hellish mornings have become a thing of the past!  That alone was worth the price of the book!  And there are lots more nuggets in there.  I especially appreciated the section where she gave some lessons learned from her own parenting – what she did well and what she wished she’d done differently.

As a closing thought, if you are thinking about reading the Child Whisperer book, I STRONGLY recommend that you do her free energy profiling course first to figure out your type – and your child’s type.  It will make the parenting book a much smoother read.

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