Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | November 6, 2012

Chiropractic for Orthodonture!! Who Knew?!

This alternative healing stuff just keeps getting better and better!!  BIG NEWS (to me anyway):  There is a chiropractic procedure to expand a child’s palate!!  In mainstream dental care, a palate expander is used to widen the child’s upper jaw – to make more room for adult teeth and to improve a child’s bite.  I am well acquainted with these palate expander mechanisms as I was the unlucky recipient of one as a child!  One of my parents had to put their hand in my mouth and use a key to “click” the device, thereby pushing my upper jaw a little bit wider each night.  It was not pleasant.  It hurt.  Here’s a picture to give you a clear visual…

The blue instrument “clicks” and widens the palate expander (and thereby the patient’s upper jaw as well!!).

Last week, a mom in Keira’s kindergarten class was telling me that her son’s dentist/orthodontist had been ready to get started down this palate expander route and she wasn’t so sure.  So, as a super-mom, she tried – and had wonderful success with – chiropractic!  Chiropractic widened her son’s mouth.  She explained that the chiropractor puts on a little finger glove and then uses his finger to manipulate the upper jaw.  In a very short amount of time, THEY SAW THEIR SON’S JAW WIDEN, making more space for his adult teeth.

The story gets better.  One of my dear friend Andrea’s girls needs her jaw widened.  She’s been pushing off the dentist because like the other super-mom, she just wasn’t comfortable with the process.  So as soon as I told her about the other family’s success, of course she wanted the chiropractor’s contact info immediately!  And guess who the chiropractor was?  THE SAME GUY WHO TURNED ANDREA’S BREECH BABY, MAX!!  Yup, Dr. Martin Rosen at Wellesley Chiropractic!  This guy is obviously meant to be a part of Andrea’s family’s healthcare team!  And hopefully many other faithful OFF KLTR readers can benefit from his expertise, as well!

Dr. Rosen uses a Sacro-Occipital Technique and in doing a little research on-line, it also appears that chiropractic can be used to treat TMJ!  And while I am sharing random tidbits of dental information, a homeopath once told me that root canals can be treated homeopathically.  I have a mouth full of root canals…sure wish I’d known that earlier!!  But I will certainly be going down that homeopathic path the next time the dentist give me that sad face I know too well and sympathetically pronounces, “you need another root canal, Tracy”!

And this closing paragraph is dedicated to my dear husband.  This is a very happy occasion where holistic health care will actually save families money!!  Because dental care is almost entirely out-of-pocket, the cost of a series of chiropractic adjustments will be far less than the cost of the orthodontic palate expander route.  Not to mention that a few gentle manipulations by a human beats the pants off those painful mechanical “clicks” in our babies’ mouths!!

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