Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | October 21, 2012

OFF KLTR Homeopathic Medicine Cabinet

I was talking to two (totally unrelated) people today about homeopathy, so I figured it was a sign to blog about it.  We have worked with a homeopath in the past and have had some luck.  Keira’s first remedy caused a wart (that she’d had for about a year) to fall off and it never came back!  That was awesome.  Per usual, the remedy didn’t help her to sleep at all, but the wart removal was AWESOME.  Even at 4 and a half, it really bothered her.  And it’s quite sweet that this year, one of Keira’s little girlfriends at school has two warts on her hand and Keira told her to try homeopathy!  And then, she asked me to talk to her friend’s mom about it!!  Also, during our adoption wait for Lauren, I was having a really hard time sleeping and my sleep remedy was fantastic!

So what is homeopathy?  Well, it’s kinda like magic (this is a recurring theme in my blog)!  The Lydian Center (another recurring theme on my blog!) explains that “Homeopathy draws on both Eastern and Western healing traditions. It uses remedies made primarily from natural substances (mostly herbs, also minerals), which impart information to your body’s healing energy – called the Vital Force in homeopathy, like chi or prana in Eastern traditions. During a special dilution process, the remedy creates patterns in the water, somewhat like snowflakes (all made of H2O, no two alike).  The information stored in this coherent water “teaches” your body’s Vital Force how to deal with your health condition. The starting substance has been diluted so many times that it is present only as nanoparticles (very tiny particles), which makes the remedy extremely safe.”

We have tried many, many different types of homeopathy with varying degrees of success.  But there are a few that are just so useful, we always have them in the medicine cabinet.  Here are our favorites:

1.  Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets (you can even buy this at CVS!!).  Soooo effective for teething.  The girls are currently getting their 2-year and 6-year molars and these work great!

2.  Rescue Remedy – great for giving kids during/right after meltdowns.  Keira and Lauren prefer the gum form.  You can get this at Whole Foods or a Health Food Store.  I’ve never seen Rescue Remedy anywhere mainstream.  As an aside, this is not homeopathy, it’s a flower essence…  There’s another one called Rescue Sleep that some people swear by, but I don’t find it all that helpful.  Nor does Keira.

3.  Waleda Arnica Ointment – for sprains, bruises, and muscle pain.  I apply the ointment if the kids fall or bang.  I put it right on where they have the boo-boo (and will most likely get a bruise).  I also give them Arnica (homeopathic pellets) orally right after the injury.  I think that you are supposed to do give the Arnica a few times, but honestly, I rarely remember once the hysteria has passed…  I get this at the bookstore at Keira’s school.  I don’t think that they sell the ointment at Whole Foods…probably a Natural Food Store.  But the Arnica pellets you could get at Whole Foods for sure!

4.  Waleda Burn Care – great for burns and sunburns, but what it is miraculously good for is – bug bites!!  Last fall, Keira came home from school COVERED from head to toe with bug bites (and yes! she was wearing bug spray…I even tried the kind with deet – not so holistic, but the bugs were just so bad, I was desperate.  The kid looked like she’d been beaten up everyday when I picked her up!)  But, with the Waleda burn-care, at least she was not bothered by the bites.  Didn’t scratch at all.  (Same availability as the Waleda Arnica ointment.)

So these are just a few of our favorites.  If your family LOVES any homeopathic and/or natural remedies, please leave me a comment or drop me an email.  I’d like to create a Natural Remedies We Love! page.  Not to mention better stock our OFF KLTR medicine cabinet!  Thanks so much for reading my blog!  Good night.


  1. I second these! And I would add Pulsatilla (spelling?) for colds that have thicker mucus and feel worse at night and Ferrum Phosphorica which is supposed to prevent cold when taken daily during cold and flu season. Also, I’ve used Albium Cepa for clear runny colds with much success with kiddos.

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