Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | October 2, 2012

All Natural Deodorant that Works!! DeodoMom!!


So yesterday I posted about my new love, NIA.  Well, at the same time that I started going steady with NIA, I’ve been trying out an all-natural deodorant.  It’s called DeodoMom.  It works!  I swear to God, it works!  But be forewarned, it a deodorant, not an antiperspirant.  So at my NIA class, I was sweating more than I ever thought possible!  But what was totally amazing was that despite all the sweating, I did not stink.  The first time that I tried the class with the DeodoMom, I RAN! out the door as quickly as possible, as soon as class ended.  I was certain that I must have smelled like a 13-year-old boy with no deodorant in the middle of summer.  But when I checked in the car, I didn’t smell AT ALL.  It was totally amazing.

Here’s a link to Deodomom.  I have the roll-on.  I like it.  I will probably try the cream at some point, though it seems weird to apply your deodorant with your hand.  The product is not cheap.  It’s $12 for the roll-on.  But, it’s all natural and it works so well…$12 is a small price to pay!!

I actually found the DeodoMom on another site – another WordPress blog, no less!! – Product Junkies Rehab.  In her review of the product, the blogger reports, “I like to add my own scent to it. I recently got some EO Organic Deodorant spray to try out– it’s just alcohol and essential oils. It wouldn’t work for me by itself as a deodorant, but I have started using it as a “pit perfume” over the unscented DeodoMom just for it’s lovely scent. I was given the spray in Vetiver, which smells incredible. ”  I love this blog!  So I’m going to try this recommendation, too!  And I’ll report back!

UPDATE:  I didn’t include in my original post that the main concern about regular deodorants/antiperspirants is the aluminum.  Here’s an article on that describes the “possible” (many would argue “probable”) health risks.

October 16 UPDATE:  You need to reapply mid-day.  I was noticing that I was happiest (best smelling) on the days that I was doing NIA because I was reapplying after class (and sometimes I even took a shower after class – imagine that?!).  But it does work very well with the 2 applications, which I suppose is a small price to pay for not applying aluminum under your arms…


  1. Just ordered some and I’m going crazy and trying the cream! Thanks, was in the market for a new one that I didn’t have to keep reapplying after a mid-day pit wash. 😉 Someday I would LOVE to try NIA with you. Alas, my mornings are now unavailable for such things…

    • Oh, I hope you like it!! Quick tip: counting to 15 seems to do the trick for me when applying the roll-on (not sure how it will translate to the cream — which was a bold move, btw!! I’ll anxiously await your review!). Counting to 10 was just NOT enough.

      • LOVE IT! This sh*t works! Can’t believe it. I’ve been intermittently using natural deodorants over the years and when I got pregnant with Lucas made the most permanent switch so far (it’s been over a year now), but I can’t say I’ve ever been HAPPY with the results. Just living with a bit of BO, quite frankly. This stuff actually keeps me dry somehow, like an antiperspirant, which I never expected from an all natural deodorant. I’m about to take out stock in this stuff. If I did that sort of thing…

  2. Thanks for posting this one. I switched to toms of Maine because I don’t like the aluminum in the other stuff but holy stink fest. It doesn’t work well for me. Works ok for my stinky 10 year old though. I will be making this order soon. 🙂

    • Holy stink fest!! I hope Deodomom does the trick!! I just bouth that “pit perfume” the other blogger recommended. Can’t wait to try out the combination tomorrow!!

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