Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | September 24, 2012

All Natural Cough Drops – Effective and Delicious!

Couch Bed for Two

So Lauren has been sick for about a week now.  And Keira has been sick since Thursday.  Both girls have had two immune-boosts from the lovely Dr. Maya.  Their coughs just won’t quit!!  So today, we started the day with a couch bed for two.  Keira used to L – O – V – E to be stay home from school and spend the day on her couch bed when we lived in Sharon.  But that meant unlimited TV!!  Now that we don’t have a TV…the couch bed loses much of its appeal.  In fact, she lasts like 30 minutes!  She’s also not down-and-out sick.  Just sick enough, with a nasty enough cold, that she needs to stay home and rest.  She even took a nap this afternoon!  Lauren, however, did not nap…just rested for an hour, but she can hold out against sleep like nobody I know (’til 3pm when she falls asleep standing up on occasion).

So to the point of my post.  We found a delicious all-natural cough drop today that both girls LOVED and reported that it really helped their aching throats!  It’s by A. Vogel and is called Soothing Pine Cough Drops.  It has a delicious honey center.  On-line you can find them for around $5.00 a package, but Cambridge Naturals, where you really pay for their helpful staff and convenient Porter Square location, charges $6.99 a package.  There are only 18 in a package!  But let’s face it, we’ll do pretty much anything to comfort our sick kids!  Stay healthy!!


  1. Hope the girls get better quickly!!

    • Thanks, Jean! Keira slept ’til 9AM this morning, but felt much better for the rest of the day. No school tomorrow for the Jewish holiday, but she’ll be back on Thursday! Happy New Year, by the way 🙂

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