Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | September 19, 2012

Children’s Books We Love!: Adopting a Sibling

OFF KLTR Favorite!

Last week, when I was posting children’s books on adoption-related topics, I forgot one really important group of stories (that are near and dear to my heart!) – adopting a sibling.

All of the following books are about adopting a little sister…mostly Chinese little sisters, but one Korean baby sister.  Some of the older siblings in the books are biological children and others were adopted.  My Mei Mei is one of my all time favorites.  And I just learned that it’s a favorite at the Abrahams’ house, too!!  Now we just need some stories about adopting a little brother!!

Jin Woo by Eve Bunting.

A family has a biological son and then adopts a daughter from Korea.  The little boy was not happy about this huge change in his family, but, as the book was written by the amazing Eve Bunting, the problem is beautifully resolved.

Just Add One Chinese Sister by Patricia McMahon

A family has a biological son and is adopting a daughter from China.  In the story, the family creates a memory book of the adoption trip and the first few years of the little girl’s life.  I really like the part of each page that is an excerpt from the big brother’s journal.

My Mei Mei by Ed Young

I love this book!  A Chinese adoptee really wants a mei mei (little sister) of her own.  When the little sister comes home, she isn’t exactly what the older sister had hoped for; she cries and takes the attention away from her!  In the end, the two girls become great friends/sisters and even want another mei mei.

A Sister for Matthew:  A Story About Adoption by Pamela Kennedy.

This is a great introduction to adoption for all children. It teaches children what it means to be adopted.  The book anticipates the worries of a young child and answers the questions they have.  Most appropriate for older siblings.

Waiting for May by Janet Morgan Stoeke

I love this book, too!  It’s told from the perspective of a biological son who is waiting for his little sister.  The book outlines the application process, the wait, and the trip to China.  In the story, the little sister is NOT happy when she first meets her first family, but she soon warms up to them, and to her new big brother, in particular.


  1. I may be reading into things, but did I interpret correctly that you’re open to adding a little guy to the mix?! If I’m on target, I think that would be SO COOL:oD It’s such a great dynamic, if I may say so;o)

    • NO! NOPE! NO WAY! My friend JEAN just adopted a beautiful little boy from China. I was merely commenting that it would be great if there were some good books about adopting a little brother FOR JEAN and any other family who is adopting a boy. But NOT ours. Our family is oh-so-complete!! If added any more children to the mix I’d have to call my blog way the f*ck off kltr!! Hee-hee.

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