Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | September 5, 2012

Adoption Journey: Home a Few Weeks

Lauren and her favorite guy at the zoo.

After only a few weeks at home, Lauren had changed so much!  We met Lauren in February.  Here’s the mid-March update…

1. Totally potty trained during day. Usually has dry diaper in morning.
UPDATE:  Due to the tried-and-true OFF KLTR parenting methodology (the anti-potty training module), Lauren is no longer potty trained.  She pees and poops occasionally on the potty and uses her diaper like a champ!

2. Does not enjoy bedtime at all. Can cry for up to an hour.
UPDATE:  Due to the tried-and-true OFF KLTR parenting methodology (the anti-sleep training module) — rocking the baby to sleep or driving her around in the car ’til she falls asleep and then co-sleeping with her — Lauren takes up to two hours to fall asleep and wakes up regularly during the night.

3. Likes noodles. Not crazy about rice.
UPDATE:  Due to the tried-and-true OFF KLTR parenting methodology (the unhealthy eating module), Lauren now loves chicken nuggets and hot dogs (organic, of course — oh dear…).  But soup and dumplings are her all-time favorite.

4. Favorite party trick is throwing any and all objects into floor.  Second favorite trick is putting her fingers in your mouth and trying to rip your face off.
UPDATE:  Lauren has added the raspberry to her repertoire!

5. Has some Chinese words. Sadly her parents do not understand any of them.
UPDATE:  Lauren can now say “no!” (thanks, Keira, for modeling that so well!!) and “hello!”.

6. Has teeny, tiny feet. Wears a size 5 with thick socks.
UPDATE:  None, they’re still tiny.

7. Has a shaved head. But she has such cute little features, she can pull it off!! Our best guess is that it is for ease of care by foster family.
UPDATE:  Her hair is really growing in!  And she has ALOT of it!!

8. Shakes her head no! Like a champ.
UPDATE:  No change.  Still really good at it.

9. Has no choice but to stay in bed all night because her core is so weak that she cannot get herself from laying to sitting (or from sitting to standing). Poor little thing.  (Update:  she stood up all on her own yesterday — she was heavily applauded by all of us).
UPDATE:  Lauren can go from laying down, to sitting up, to standing up, all in one swift move.  She learned to do this over a couple of days of doing nothing but practicing!  She quit eating, sleeping, and playing — just got up and then threw herself back on the ground and did it all again.  This is one determined little girl!!

10. Has an adorable little giggle that makes us all laugh!!
UPDATE:  Pretty much everything she does makes us laugh!!  And we just found out that she LOVES the water.  She loves the tub, but with the warm weather, she’s spent the past few afternoons playing with the water table.  She picks a spot and then doesn’t move from that spot for over an hour!  She dumps the water right over her head and LOVES it.


  1. Just wait for the 6-month update…

  2. Adorable. And at least she’s not crying (#2). Hee hee.

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