Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | September 2, 2012

Who Postpones a Welcoming Ceremony?

So…we’d been hoping to have a welcoming ceremony for Lauren in September.  Just our families.  Nothing seemed to be going our way…I could NOT get the invitations to print.  One annoying problem after another.  Finally on Wednesday, I printed them in Walpole (we were playing with friends out that way) and got them in the mail on Thursday.  Well…didn’t the minister cancel on Friday morning?!?!  We’d planned the ceremony around the minister’s schedule and she was pretty much the only thing that we’d secured.  After receiving the minister’s cancellation email around 7AM, all I wanted to do was get on the computer and try to pull things back together.  I was so short with my children on Friday morning as I tried to do just that – spend the morning on the computer.  But, luckily for the girls (and me) I stopped.  And breathed.  And thought about the situation.  I came up with an alternative:  instead of desperately trying to plan a ceremony in two weeks, I could postpone.  My heart beat returned to normal.  I put down my computer and paid attention to my children, who were not going to let me search all morning anyway!!  And so…we canceled (postponed).  But what was extra-awesome about the situation was that, in most cases, I was canceling before the guest had even received the invitation!!  Embarrassing.  SO NOT MY STYLE.  So I guess to answer my initial question:  I postpone a welcoming ceremony!


  1. No stress, no worries. You finally decided the just hit the universal “easy” button! I’m so proud of you! Well done.

  2. What a lovely way to look at the situation!! That easy button is working for me, isn’t it?! Thank you!

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