Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | August 30, 2012

Waldorf NO! MEDIA Policy

Rob watching closing ceremony of the Olympics in the basement.

This week’s posts were so heavy.  I figured that I’d end the week with on a lighter note!

We had a discussion at dinner about the best caption for this photo…

Tracy:  The Dark-Side of Waldorf’s No Media Policy

Rob:  Worst Man Cave Ever!

Keira:  Poor, poor Baba (Baba is Chinese for Daddy)

Feel free to cast a vote!!


  1. We vote for worst man cave ever!!! A collection is being taken up for rob so he can at least have a recliner!!!! A lawn chair….. Really????we will save you Rob!!! Any football Sunday you sneak up to Mont Vernon for Tom Brady in HD on the big screen. 🙂

    • I have asked the universe for a real chair. I suspect it will happen this football season as my ass tends to fall asleep after moderate usage of the lawn chair. I may even start with a bean bag.

    • Wait!! You’ll save Rob?? From what?? His own frugality?! That’s the only thing standing between Rob and a rockin’ man cave!! Even one quick trip to Jordan’s Furniture could make a huge difference!! But a Sunday at the Kipps would sure beat watching the game at home (even with an awesome man cave). I suspect he’ll take you up on that offer 🙂

  2. I’m with Keira…

    • I told Keira that you’d voted for her title, Elizabeth She was delighted!!

  3. Have to vote with Rob on this one, though all are good. 🙂 Worst Man Cave Ever. I am sorry, Rob. I think Santa needs to bring you a recliner and a dorm fridge at least. How about some hunter green paint also? And a foozball table.

    • Agreed! A coat of paint, and a recliner, and dorm fridge would = heaven on earth.

  4. I can’t wait to see if the kids, when they’re older, sneak a little TV time… much like I used to sneak telephone time. When I was a teenager I got very resourceful and would call the weather in order to be able to receive phone calls without my parent’s knowledge. I laugh at how I would listen for HOURS to the recording just so I could hear the “click” from the other line and get that seemingly precious phone call;oP

    • Such a cute story about the weather!! I used to call the weather all the time, too! But I think that my parents knew all about it. Do they still have that service?? Keira will do anything to watch TV! She begs me to go to Gymboree so that she can watch the TV in the store! And her sleepovers to Pa and Gram’s are like heaven on earth for her – lotsa time with her grandparents and unlimited treats and TV!! She watches an occasional movie on the computer at home. Interestingly, Lauren has no interest in the TV. While in general this is good, is also a pain when I want to put her in front of a video with Keira! NO INTEREST. I guess TV viewing is learned. Who knew?

  5. I’m voting for Keira’s “Poor, poor Baba.” This really is pathetic! But martyr Rob is in his element. I agree with Sarah that a recliner, dorm fridge, and hunter green paint would do wonders. Might make it cozy enough that the whole family starts spending time down there though… Awesome photo!

    • Martyr you say? Hmm…I *never* thought of that… What an insightful post, Nicki!!

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