Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | August 15, 2012

Immune Boost Treatments All Around!

Lauren giving herself a chiropractic treatment!

Lauren was up for much of night.  She was so unhappy.  Restless.  We couldn’t figure out why!  …Until she threw up!  Poor little pumpkin.  She hasn’t gotten good sleep in over a week, so it stands to reason that she’d get sick.  She’s sharing a room with Keira, so unfortunately, all the commotion woke Keira up.  In fact, the whole Off KLTR family was awake from 2 to 3ish.  Joy!

I wasn’t feeling well last night/this morning either…so I made Lauren and me a double-header appointment at the Lydian CenterDr. Grace gave us both Immune Boost Treatments.  The treatment is well named!  It is a chiropractic treatment that aims to boost your immune system and push the virus through (and ideally OUT of) your system.

Lauren’s been in pretty good spirits today and I started to feel better late this afternoon.  Fingers are crossed for a peaceful night in the Off KLTR kingdom.

Also, I was just replying to a few comments from yesterday’s post and wanted to ask people – if you have holistic health care providers that you and your family LOVE, would you please send them to me?  I’d love to keep a list on the site.  Thanks!  And goodnight!!  xo, Tracy

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