Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | August 13, 2012

Please Just Go To Sleep!

Rob, Lauren, and Keira napping in Henan, China.

Please, please, help me to understand how a 1.5 hour nap translates into a child with a regular 6 o’clock bedtime not falling asleep until 9:30!!  9:30 AT NIGHT!  What happened to the other 2 hours of sleep?!  I have read the sleep books.  Almost all of them.  They clearly state that young children who nap get much better and more night-time sleep.  NOT LAUREN.  AND NOT KEIRA, either.  If Lauren naps, she does not fall asleep before 9.  Yes, 9!  I’m asleep before then half the time!  Perhaps these sleep experts need to explain their theories to all infants before they are born.  Okay.  That’s pretty much my post for this evening.  Sorry.  The photo is pretty sweet, though!  And, I added a “keeping us on kilter” tab (on the right side of the page) that lists our family’s amazing holistic health care team!


  1. Well if you figure it out please let me know. Joshua goes to sleep at 9 and takes a 1.5 hour nap a day. Although he gets up between 7-8 depending. Thankfully he is sleeping by himself in the crib. Hannah has been using the summer as a stay up forever and has been going to bed later than me 🙂 but sleeps late, I need to start getting her back on track since school is starting soon.

    • Sleep really is just so frustrating, isn’t it? You just CANNOT control it. You can try to manipulate it, but sometime you get really burned! So on “as scheduled” days both Lauren and Josh are getting about 12 hours…but life is very different with vs. without a nap! Hannah will get back on track once school starts…it will just be a *bit* (understatement of the century!) of an adjustment for everyone!!

  2. I don’t get it either. How does an hour and a half of daytime sleep translate to needing 3 hours less night time sleep. And, in the case of Miss Olivia, a total bear the next day. So obviously she NEEDS the sleep, but won’t take it. I feel your pain. Owen, on the hand, requires a nap still at age 6 to be anything more than a sopping heap the next day. And will still go to bed before 8 after 2 hours of afternoon sleep. This makes for a tricky set up in the Lawson-Spratley household.

    • Funny you should mention this whole coordination of kids’ bedtimes, Heather! It’s such a drag!! Will Owen go to bed if he knows that Oliva is still awake? Keira was weeping last night, she was so tired from her fun-filled play date, but she refused to go to bed because she knew that Lauren was awake. Sometimes the only option is to say “Good night. I love you to the moon and back. I’m closing the door. Go to sleep.” And just endure the hysteria… Should I put that quote on my mother of the year application??

  3. Seems they are all programmed differently. Max used to be an awesome sleeper and if he didn’t get all his naptime in during the day, it meant he slept lousy at night. But over the last few months something’s changed in his wiring and the bedtime was getting later and later: 9/9:30/ then 10. Now I withhold the nap so he’ll go down around 7:30 and stay asleep until 8 or 9 am. If you can believe it, Pat let him nap recently while I was at work and he didn’t go down until 11:20!! My first borns, on the other hand, would only give me trouble (at this age) if I let them nap past 2 hours. Other than that, bedtime was pretty clockwork: 8:30/ (worst case scenario would be 9). I have noticed that he gets sleepy if we are home, but if we’re out and about and I can keep him busy, then he does fine. I just get him to the bath right when we get back to thehouse and then a quick dinner before bed:o)

    • 11:20?! PASQUALINO!! WTF?! Oh you poor baby, Andrea. I know you are a night owl – but who wants company at 11 o’clock?! The whole point in staying up late is to get alone time! I didn’t know that Max had dropped his nap. I like that he’ll sleep ’til 8 or 9. Lauren wakes up at 6 no matter what time she goes to bed (I guess that she did read all of the sleep books on that particular rule of consistent waking). So…we put her down at 6PM. I just can’t get her fed and bathed before then!! I remember your girls being beautiful nappers. Maybe they wore one another out? Although, Max has his work cut out for him, too – trying to keep up with the big girls!

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