Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | August 11, 2012

What is Success?

I saw my super-amazing energy healer today.  Her name is Joy del  Giudice and you can check her out at  She asked me a very good question at the end of the session about what I felt that success was.  I had a clear picture in my mind.  It was me, wearing a size 4 (okay, maybe it was a 6) navy blue business suit, carrying a very expensive briefcase.  And I just *knew* that I was a business woman who made a lot of money.  But I already was a business woman who wore (an only slightly larger size) navy blue suit to work everyday.  Once I found my nitch in business, I was good at what I did.  I was respected by my colleauges.  Got very positive reviews.  Great raises.  I was only 27 when I “retired” from the business world and I was making alot of money.  But I just wasn’t interested in the work.  Writing specifications for new software applications just wasn’t doing it for me.  I was very happy outside of work, as I knew that I was dating “the one”.  (The poor guy…Rob didn’t have a chance once I made that decision!!)  But going to work just drained my energy.  The only return was the paycheck.

So really, even ten plus years ago, I knew that my original skinny business woman vision wasn’t “success”.  But even as I sit here now thinking about success – I think that my vision of success is still tightly intertwined with finacial abundance.  I can easily take the small suit and the corner office out of my definition…but not the money.  Success FOR ME would be working for myself, out of my home, doing something that I believe in and making so much money that budget is no longer a factor in my decision-making.  That would be success.

I wonder if there is a way to take money out of one’s vision of success?  On some level, I know that there is…but ‘ya know what?  I do not want to have to negotiate vacations and healing appointments that are not covered by insurance with my husband.  No negotiations.  Just my own personal abundant checking account.

They say that money is only energy.  (The Law of Attraction says so anyway!  I just checked on and you can watch The Secret movie for free with a Prime Membership.)  And if you are in harmony with the universe, doing work you love and believe in, perhaps all of the energy you put into your project is multiplied by the universe, so you achieve maximum results.  And part of those returns are financial.  Money is abundant.  So now all I need to do is align with the universe!!  Easy-breezy!!!

I will close with a gift from Jo Anna’s receiving project from the (other!) day:

Dream. Big. Bigger.  Even bigger. Acknowledge and admit your desires…especially to yourself. See yourself as that limitless source of awe that you are.

So I say – BRING IT!!


  1. AWESOME! LOVE THIS! What fabulous insight! And so it is!

    • I really need to give you more public credit for all of YOUR pearls of wisdom that I use on this site. I even stole your “easy breezy” which I use it all the time know thanks to my “easy button”!! Truly, thank you.

  2. I’m “expecting” the same abundance in my life. It’s so hard not to let fear take over for me. Fear that we won’t be able to keep our kids at school, or that the not making ends meet will catch up with us. As we learned this week that Jason’s work will be taking his car away, I’m simply breathing and putting it out there that abundance is there if we just let it in. Of course, he thinks I’m a little nuts….;-).

    • Of course your husband thinks you’re nuts. All husbands think their wives are nuts AND when we believe in this whole abundant universe thing, husbands tend to freak out. Mine whips out our check book to push the not-so-rosy balance right up in my face! But ‘ya know what, Heather – look at what we’ve created, our kids are at the Waldorf school! Look where you are living! YOU brought that beautiful Huron Village home into your life. Isn’t it so much easier to be confident on behalf of a friend?! Sure glad we have one another!!

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