Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | August 11, 2012

Another Great Day at the Beach!

Lauren LOVES Emma

We had another great day up at the Ekborg’s beach in Glocester!  Natalie, Keira’s “twin sister” (who was also born in Guangxi, China) came up to the beach with us for the day.  The big girls had a blast playing with their buddy Lilly and some other friends.  And Lauren, well, she only has eyes for Miss Emma.  Who can blame her?!

We made it to their house just before the rain started.  And when we got in, we learned of the tornado warning!!  We were already running late (Lauren has a six o’clock bedtime which can really cramp a family’s style!!)…so when we heard of the warning, we decided to stick around for a couple more hours to wait out the storm.  The big girls were DELIGHTED to get to play more & stay for dinner!  Once in the car, it took Lauren about 5 minutes to conk out, Natalie was out in about 20, but Keira held strong (…well, ’til she crossed the threshold of our house and started weeping).  We shall see what tomorrow brings…

Thanks for a great day Ekborgs!!  Love, (OFF) KLTR – Rob thanks you for the evening to himself!!


  1. Love having you! The picture of Lauren and Emma is priceless! Hope Keira got a good night’s rest! I did:)

  2. LOVE that picture! Also, jealous of your beach day but glad you’re having fun. 🙂 xoxo

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