Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | August 9, 2012

Sibling Rivalry – In Photos


2.  And there’s the wind-up!

3. And normally Keira dissolves here…BUT with the camera blocking my energy, it was over!  Just done.  Amazing.

My dad came over yesterday and the girls were playing so beautifully outside.  They were so sweet, squishing onto a little push toy together.  I wanted to capture the tender moment on film.  I ran into the house to grab my camera.  And…by the time that I got back, the loving moment had deteriorated into a fight.  Remembering my sibling rivalry post (where I’d posted a smiling photo of my two beauties), I thought it was a good opportunity to capture the discord on film.  As I was snapping away, I got a couple of good, p*ssed off pictures AND their fighting stopped.  Stopped.  Without as much as a disciplinary word from me.  When I didn’t give MY energy to their fighting, it fizzled.  I am thinking that I’ll just run to get my camera each time they fight.  The camera can serve as a barrier between my energy and theirs.  Their 2 vs. 6 year-old-energy can only hold on for so long.  My 38 year-old-energy, now that’s another story entirely!  Now, I know what you are thinking, please, please Tracy, can you keep us updated on this experiment?  Yup!!  Stay tuned!

Pa and His Girls


  1. LOL- what was the trigger that set off the fight? ;o)

    • Well…Lauren was playing quite nicely on the little ride-on toy and Keira came along and — of course, since her sister was using it, she also wanted it. Yup, the six year old wanted the ride-on toy. But they had managed to figure out a way to ride together. I’m not sure exactly how riding on the teeny-tiny toy deteriorated…but, given the small space and the size of the two of them, I suppose it was just a matter of time!!

      • Toys are probably the #1 source of fights around here. It used to crack me up when the girls were small and people would give the ladies an identical gift, thinking they were doing me a favor. In the end it didn’t matter. One *always* wanted the toy in the other’s hand at that very moment, regardless if I offered the exact same toy! They eventually figure out how to cooperate and take turns (without coaching and/ or tools like a timer), but when it was constant and wearing on my nerves I’d say to myself, “Their college roommate is *really* going to appreciate all my hard work” -LOL! ;oP

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