Posted by: Tracy Barsamian | August 8, 2012

Vision Boards

So…I am a huge believer in vision boards. A vision board is just a poster – usually a collage of pictures from magazines – that represents everything that you’d like to manifest. I made a vision board after we’d sold our house in Sharon and could not seem to find a new house in Arlington.  Here’s a picture of that vision board. There was a little universal mishap, however, because we ended up in almost the exact house that I created in my vision board. BUT IT WAS ONLY OUR TEMPORARY HOUSING! My sister-in-law Caroline and brother-in-law David were kind and generous enough to let us stay at their Cape house for the month of June last year. And it was uncanny how much their summer house resembled my board. There are some vague similarities between the board and our new house. Mostly things that I cut out and later bought from Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn.  And imagine that.  They matched!!

And I also made a 2012 Vision Board. My friend Elizabeth is a wonderful healer – – and she ran a vision board workshop. A bunch of friends from our amazing playgroup (of adoptive moms and our kiddos) got together one evening and created our boards. It was a blast! And I was quite pleased with the result. It captured not just WHAT I wanted in the New Year…but also the FEELINGS that I wanted – calm and peace and abundance. I just took the board out the other day actually to show it to a friend. And looking at it, I realized that I am not manifesting what I want very well. The board is still accurate. I am just not achieving it.

Well…I went to the beach yesterday with Elizabeth and our friend Pam and complained about my board not working. In particular, ITS not manifesting financial abundance. They asked what I was doing to manifest wealth. I thought about it. The answer is absolutely nothing! I feel so overwhelmed all the time. I don’t always have time to brush my hair, never mind attract wealth! So I thought about what I could do. And hence, my blog entry yesterday AND today. I need to write. I have no idea to what end I am writing. Hopefully my awesome neighbor Lori is right and some super-smart, super-rich person will read my blog and offer me a book deal or a job working 10 hours a week for a six figure salary!! Or perhaps writing will just be a good outlet for me…and help me to work through my own stuff and figure out what I really love and what I am really good at and from there, I’ll launch my new business that will be a huge success. I don’t know exactly how it will happen, but I do know what I want in the end…to have abundant finances and to do work that feeds my soul.  Universe, did you hear/read that?!


  1. Hey girl, dont forget to throw in a splash of gratitude for those things you have already manifested:) Me, I’m so thankful for you my dear friend!

    • Excellent point! I’ll use that as the theme for today’s post!!

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